With launches less than a month apart, the latest flagship phones from Korean tech companies LG and Samsung are within firing range of one another. As such, the Internet has been pitting the two standard bearers against each other and XeeTechCare is the latest group to do so.

XeeTechCare pit the S7 edge and G5 against each other in a speed test that included booting, app loading, browsing, multiatsking and fingerprint sensing challenges.

Before getting to the competition, a word on their stats.

Both the G5 and S7 edge come with quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processors, though a variant of the S7 edge comes with a Samsung Exynos 8890 CPU instead. And versions of both handsets come with Adreno 530 GPUs.

They're both fitted with 4 GB of RAM and at least 32 GB of storage space. The S7 edge has a slightly larger display, 5.5 inches to the G5's 5.3 inches, but they both put out resolutions of 1,440 x 2,560.

The S7 edge beat out the G5 in fingerprint sensing and bootup, but the G5 won each of the five legs in the Browsing portion of the competition (thanks Android Community). The G5 was faster to the finish line when using Google Chrome, following links, visiting websites and opening news stories.

The App Loading challenge was split. The two phones even tied on the Facebook and Instagram portions of the challenge.

The G5 loaded the Google Play Store, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the YouTube app faster than its rival. And the S7 edge searched YouTube faster, was quicker on the draw with video playback, loaded Temple Run faster and started Subway Surfer sooner than the G5.

The results of the test left XeeTechCare seemingly impressed with both the S7 edge and the G5.

"Even though the S7 Edge is better in terms of benchmarks -- it has a better multi-core score," said XeeTechCare, adding: "In real life, you're not going to notice that much of a difference. So yeah, pretty awesome phones speedwise. Amazing, amazing."

Here's XeeTechCare's full comparison on the Samsung S7 Edge and LG G5:

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