Upon taking a break due to a few issues with the app's Windows 10 Mobile version, TuneIn Radio is now back on the platform.

Back in December, the Windows 10 Mobile version of this app was temporarily taken out of the platform so that the developer could fix the streaming errors and performance issues that were plaguing users.

It appears that the developer had already successfully resolved the problems, as TuneIn Radio returned back to Windows 10 Mobile on April 1.

In a report from Windows Central, the TuneIn Radio team has sent out an email response saying the Windows 10 Mobile version of this app was rolled out "to a limited number of users."

With the release of the update app, it says that the team is still currently working to optimize TuneIn Radio in an aim to give users a "new mobile experience."

"We appreciate your patience as we work toward creating the best possible app for our users," it says. "Rest assured that this issue has already been properly addressed and finishing the final touches for the updates."

The amped up TuneIn Radio app, which now sits at version 3.0.1715, already works way faster for response, says Windows Central, adding that this app is "zippy" particularly when it is used in a Microsoft Lumia 650.

Moreover, it also says that it had not encountered any issues with regard to streaming media.

WinBeta, however, says that it has heard some issues in phone running a Redstone Preview build.

At any rate, if you own a handset running Windows 10 Mobile operating system and you are fond of listening to radio stations from various parts of the globe, you may now download this nifty app.

Users are able to pick from more than 100,000 radio stations. What makes this app even more enticing to download is that the streams are live.

Of course, what puts a smile on users' faces is it can be downloaded at no cost.

"TuneIn has all of the best sports, news, music and talk radio as well as top podcasts," reads the app's description page.

Reports say that the app did not have similar problems on iOS and Android that users had experienced via the Windows 10 Mobile version of the app.

Now, if you are an Android or iOS device owner, you may also want to give TuneIn Radio a shot.

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