There are many things we enjoy about using Google Play Music, including the fact that it still feels like the music streaming service Songza, which we loved for its algorithm and mood-based suggestions. But there is one feature that we do miss: smart playlists.

Those users with an extensive music library know just how helpful iTunes' Smart Playlists feature was. When there are thousands of songs to play next, it is so much easier to set a playlist to just play tracks from one specific artist, or all the songs you haven't listened to in the past month.

There are the smart playlists that already appear such as the Top 25 Most Played and Recently Added ones, but iTunes users can also create their own customized smart playlists by entering in specific rules.

And now Google Music users don't have to feel like they are missing out on this feature because there is now a Chrome extension that allows them to add this smart playlist feature on their preferred platform.

The extension, Autoplaylists for Google Music, brings customizable rule-based playlists to Google Music.

There is a free version of Autoplaylists for Google Music available to download, but users will only be able to set up just one smart playlist. On the other hand, the paid version allows for unlimited creations of auto-playlists.

Once the extension is downloaded, the user then opens a tab to Google Music and they will see a playlist icon to the far right of the toolbar. Once they tap on this icon, they will be able to set rules in order to define the playlists. This includes songs that were last played 30 days ago on the Not Heard Recently playlist.