After all these months, the highly anticipated Android Marshmallow is finally landing on the Sony Smartwatch 3.

Senior Developer Advocate at Google Wayne Piekarski announced the news on Google+, and he says that the over-the-air update should be available to everyone "within a week or so."

That's not the only news that Piekarski has in store, though, as he will make another announcement when Android Marshmallow arrives to all Android Wear devices.

"When all Android Wear devices have the update, I will make another announcement so that developers know when they can remove API 22 support from their apps. We are almost there with the API 23 rollout," he says.

As a little refresher, Android Wear 1.4 was disclosed back in November 2015 and rolled out to some devices in February, coming in with a slew of new features and providing an idea of the future of smartwatches. Virtually every Android Wear device received the update, but as everyone knows, the Sony Smartwatch 3 got left out.

Well, it sure took a while before Google thought of including the Sony wearable tech in the picture. The company didn't even provide any explanation for the delay, but at any rate, it's definitely good news to hear that it's going to become up to date with the rest of the Android Wear devices.

It's also worth mentioning that now is probably the perfect time for Sony Smartwatch 3 owners to get used to what the update will bring to the table, particularly the wrist gestures.

For the uninitiated, wearers can scroll through cards, take action on a card, open the apps menu or Settings and quickly go back to the watch face via the wrist gestures.

Of course, those who haven't received the update yet can also manually check for it in Settings > About > System Updates on the wearable tech.

Long story short, it's such a relief to know that the Sony Smartwatch 3 won't be missing out on the Android Marshmallow update after all.

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