Dating apps are either a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it.

They help compatible people get together who probably would not have met by luck or chance. There are plenty of success stories where people who met through these apps fell in love and got married. But then there are the people who are in serious relationships who find their significant other has an online dating profile on the side.

It might be easy to suspect your partner is cheating when they don't come home at night or lie about hanging with friends, but it's even easier for them to get away with it if they are chatting with other people on a hook-up app like Tinder.

Worried they are still swiping? Now you can hire this website to do all the snooping for you so that you don't have to be the crazy person who creates a Tinder profile just to stalk your partner. Instead, you'll be the slightly more rational person who is willing to pay to have someone uncover the dirty details for you.

The recently launched website Swipebuster will serve as your private eye to spy on whoever you want to look up on the dating app. The service only costs $4.99 and includes three searches.

To use Swipebuster's services, all you have to do is tell the site the name of the person you want to snoop on, their age, gender and the last place they are likely to have used Tinder. If they have always lived in New York City, for example, giving this information is easy. It helps to be as accurate as you can be, such as including an address or ZIP code.

No, you won't get Jessica Jones beating up your significant other if they are busted, but Swipebuster will tell you if and when this person was swiping on Tinder. Using Tinder's public database, the site will bring up all the accounts with that person's name, including their profile picture, the last time they logged into the app and what their sexual preference is.

The site may cause cheaters to delete their Tinder profile to avoid an Ashley Madison-like embarrassment from their significant other. Along with helping catch cheaters, it may also inform people about the amount of information they are sharing online.

This could very well lead to dating apps like Tinder tightening up its privacy measures.


Source: Vanity Fair

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