Meet Ecovacs' DEEBOT D79, A Vacuum Robot That Empties Its Own Dustbin


A robot that not only cleans the house but empties the trash as well, is the answer to every home-makers' prayers. Ecovacs' DEEBOT D79 is a vacuum robot that does exactly that.

This one-of-a-kind piece of technology is built to clean the stubborn dirt that sticks to rugs and tough fibers, apart from ensuring sparkling floors - a definite improvement over its predecessor, the D77, whose cleaning abilities were limited to the floor.

The high-efficiency robot comes with a docking station that serves both as its charging point and the dustbin where it empties its own trash. The debris is automatically sucked into the docking station, which is followed by a release of clean air through anti-bacterial filters. Of course, the dock needs to be emptied manually, but apparently the dustbin size is three times that of a normal dustbin, which can give you a few weeks' time before human intervention is needed.

Now, there have been several vacuum robots in the past, like the iRobot Roomba 980 and the Neato Botvac, none of which actually had the ability to clean their own debris after vacuuming. Ecovacs has taken robotics to a new level by very effectively adding the advanced docking system that'll give this model a real competitive edge.

Another interesting feature of the DEEBOT D79 is the detachable canister vacuum that the charging station houses. This traditional cleaning piece comes with other accessories like hoses that can tackle the world above the floor, such as the furniture and book shelves. Moreover, the robot's 3.8-inch height enables the machine to clean under furniture, while the cliff sensor gets alerts for a drop greater than 3 inches. The dual sweeper brushes are said to make cleaning doubly effective.

Priced at $699, the DEEBOT D79 packs quite a punch and looks to be a promising product. However, its success depends on how much the robot lives up to all the tall claims, especially as a self-cleaning device.

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