Toyota and Clemson University has joined forces in creating uBox, a concept car ideal aimed at Generation Z, the next generation of auto buyers.

This new concept is a result of the partnership between the graduate students at the International Center for Automotive Research at the Clemson University and engineers at Toyota Motor North America.

Deemed Deep Orange, the collaboration between Clemson University and Toyota aims to immerse students into the step-by-step process of developing vehicles. The students are taught how to carry out market research, design studies, engineering design plus manufacturing.

"Deep Orange gives students' hands-on experience with the entire vehicle development process, from identifying the market opportunity through the vehicle build," said Johnell Brooks, an associate professor at the graduate engineering program in Clemson University in a press release.

Brooks went on to say that Deep Orange serves as "automotive boot camp" to students. This project is not possible if Clemson has not partnered with Toyota.

This vehicle is specifically designed for young entrepreneurs who need a car that can offer recreation and that can be transformed as an office space.

Features To Expect

Here's the run-through of the key features to expect from the uBox.

1. To align it with the personality of the generation Z, the car's exterior design is described as youthful, bold and unique.

2. The car's interior is deemed flexible as it can be reconfigured for different activities, such as hauling a cargo and operating a business. It boasts removable seats for more storage.

3. It comes with dashboard display bezels, vents along with customized door trim that is created by means of 3-D printing technology.

4. It comes packed with a dual-purpose and all-electric powertrain that bestows great performance plus emission-free stationary energy used in powering power tools, consumer electrics and more devices via its 110-volt sockets that are found in the car's exterior and interior.

5. The vehicle is likewise fitted with composite carbon fiber rails bonded with aluminum so as to support a curved glass roof, thanks to a distinctive technique employed by the Clemson University students, dubbed pultrusion.

uBox is not the only concept car Toyota has showed off to the public.

Toyota also showcased its Scion concepts during the New York Auto Show last month in spite of ending its line of the car variant.

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