A New Version Of The Xbox One Could Be Coming This Summer, According To Latest Rumor


Rumors about newer versions of current consoles have been easy to find on the Web as of late, and now even more evidence is mounting that we might just see a new and improved Xbox One this summer.

The rumor comes from NeoGAF user ekim, who noticed two unannounced filings with the FCC from Microsoft. As ekim explains, the FCC must approve any data-transmitting device released in the United States. For example, the FCC had to approve the Xbox One's wireless chip, which it did so under FCC ID C3K1525.

Here's where things get interesting. C3K is Microsoft's unique identifier in the FCC system, confirming that the two recent filings are indeed from the company. Upon a closer look into each filing, it's revealed that one of them includes a document named User Manual 1525. While the document is not yet available, the name alone seems to indicate it's related to the Xbox One's wireless chip.

Adding more fuel to the rumor fire are two dates associated with the filings. The NDA (nondisclosure agreement) for one filing expires on June 25, with the other expiring on July 29. That puts the first filing's reveal date close to E3, which means we may hear something about these devices from Microsoft at the show.

This new evidence builds on rumors that had been floating around about a possible new version of the Xbox, with many assuming the new console could possibly be a slim version of the Xbox One, much like the slim model of the Xbox 360.

Microsoft might not be alone in unveiling a bigger and better version of their current gaming console. Sony is said to be working on what is being called PlayStation 4K, which will be an upgraded PS4 that will be able to better support upcoming PlayStation VR games. No official announcements have been made on that front either, but expect to hear news at E3.

Microsoft did recently debunk one rumor around the name of their supposed new console. The name Xbox neXt was found on the Linkedin profile of a Microsoft employee, leading many to believe that it could be the name of a new Xbox console. Microsoft later stated that "neXt" was simply an internal team name for a group that worked on the Xbox One.

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