Dyson, a leading technology manufacturer in the UK, has outdone itself again, this time with the introduction of Cinetic Big Ball - a vacuum cleaner that will literally get up each time it gets knocked down.

The Cinetic Big Ball is a new and improved Dyson V8 version. Its spherical shape and weighted base creates a low center of gravity, which keeps the vacuum steady and impossible to topple.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball is the most hygienic vacuum produced by Dyson to date. The biggest selling point of this new Dyson model is its built-in Hygienic Dirt Ejector, which separates the dust from the air. 

According to Dyson, the Cinetic Big Ball can successfully reduce and separate microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns. Compared to older vacuum models, the Cinetic Big Ball has smaller cone tips that prevent it from clogging. This means the filters will not require cleaning or replacement - ever.

Dyson has also increased the size of the Cinetic Big Ball's bin by 33 percent compared to older models. Inside the device's dust bin is a built-in silicone collar that users can pull with a single motion to easily scrape dirt, hair, and other particles without having to touch the inside of the dust bin.

Another cool feature of the Cinetic Big Ball is the longer wand and articulated handle that allows users to maneuver the device with ease. The vacuum cleaner comes with all eight Dyson-patented vacuum attachments, including the Tangle-Free Turbine and the Reach Under tool.

The Tangle-Free Turbine is made up of two counter-rotating brushes that prevent the vacuum from clogging. The Reach Under tool, on the other hand, is a hooked brush that allows users to easily dust hard-to-reach places.

The Cinetic Big Ball is selling for $699 and is available for purchase from Dyson's website. The product will be ready for retail pick-up by the end of April.

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