Nintendo NX Reportedly More Powerful Than PS4 'By A Noticeable Amount' In CPU, GPU And Memory: More Details


Reports indicate that the Nintendo NX features more powerful specs than previously anticipated, topping even the PlayStation 4.

A Neogaf user, "10K," distributed the purported details about the Nintendo NX in a thread curated by GAF moderators. The information presents some level of reliability, but as 10K points out, the rumors that he relays come from a number of different sources. The tipster tried to rate the leaks based on the number of sources who support it.

For example, a Tier 1 rumor is based on a single person's leaks, whereas a Tier 4 rumor relies on corroborated information from a minimum of 4 different people.

In his forum post, 10K underlines that the hardware of the NX is overpowering the one on Sony's PS4 "by a noticeable amount." He also reports on the Wii U remastered game titles that are expected to land on the handheld console. As WCFTech notes, Nintendo insider Emily Rogers recently unveiled that work is in progress for a number of beloved games.

Here are 10K's conclusions, in a nutshell.

Tier 4 rumors

"[NX will beat the PS4] from the CPU, to GPU, to RAM," the Neogaf user affirms.

His sources did not give any specific details about the running speeds or the amount of memory. However, an educated guess indicates that should the CPU be 20 percent faster than the one on the PS4, the GPU needs to keep up so that all bottlenecks are eliminated.  

Smash Bros 4 will land on the Nintendo NX, but it is uncertain whether cross-playing with Wii U players will be available. Another hugely popular title, Zelda, is also in the books for the NX console.

Insiders are divided on the issue of Mario Maker and Splatoon getting NX support, with a chance to see the two titles on the new console being somewhere at 50 percent.  

Tier 1 rumors

Software development kits (SDK) for NX are available to some, 10K reports. He explains that the NX is rather easy to port. This is a big improvement, as Nintendo's consoles have traditionally been complicated machines and only Nintendo's teams were able to tinker with them.

According to a few rumors, some coders have an easy time porting current gen games over.

A rumor from last year, however, claimed the exact opposite thing, saying that the NX will be below the PlayStation 4 when it comes to performance. Take a look at all the rumors regarding the Nintendo NX in our coverage.

Whichever the truth, we look forward to finding out which of the leaked information hits the mark.

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