Samsung runs its own proprietary Tizen software on most of its wearables, and it's not completely compatible with other platforms such as Google's Android Wear or Apple's watchOS.

Nonetheless, the Samsung Gear S2 has a lot of good things going for it, such as a completely round screen and a nifty rotating bezel.

But as a fork of Android, the Tizen-powered smartwatch won't work with Google Play Store apps that run on Google's Android Wear platform. The Gear S2's rotating bezel, for example, wouldn't have been supported on Android Wear.

Nonetheless, if paired to a smartphone running on Android, the Gear S2 is still capable of displaying app notifications. In fact, just like on any other Android smartwatch, Google Now cards will appear right on schedule on the Gear S2, too.

The same cross-platform capabilities, however, haven't applied to Apple WatchOS for iPhones for quite some time. Late last year in December, Samsung was reported to be working on a bridge between the Gear S2 and Apple's iPhones, but it has yet to materialize.

Called Gear Manager, the app will allow the Gear S2 to pair with any iPhone. Samsung itself finally confirmed it early this year, too. Unfortunately, no release date for the app has yet been revealed.

That being said, Gear Manager may be coming sooner rather than later, as a leak of the alleged app has been spotted on a Vietnamese forum. Of course, since the app isn't available on Apple's App Store, that means the leaked app will have to be sideloaded on a jailbroken iPhone for it to be of any use.

Unlike Android, where all it takes is a tick of a box to allow third-party apps to run on an Android-based smartphone, it's not so easy sideloading an app on an iPhone. Regardless of platform, it's not recommended to sideload apps from unofficial sources anyway.

Nonetheless, the leak of the app could indicate that it is nearing at least a testing-ready stage and should debut on the App Store soon enough. The forum post even includes a couple of photos showing the Gear S2 paired to what looks like an iPhone 5s or iPhone SE, as you can see in the image above.

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