Batman: Arkham Knight Robin Statue From Prime 1 Studio Makes The Boy Wonder Look Good


Robin never had much to do in the Batman: Arkham game series, but he sure did look cool. The game series gave the Boy Wonder his own unique look that fit the franchise's more realistic style.

Fans of Robin may want to go ahead and brace their bank accounts, because this Batman: Arkham Knight Robin statue from Prime 1 Studios is simply beautiful.

Featuring Tim Drake as Robin, the statue perfectly captures every aspect that made the character's appearance in Arkham Knight so cool for fans of the character. His head is shaved, his armor looks combat-ready and his bo staff looks like it's ready to dispense some street level justice. His hood and "mask" is also a nice touch, as is the extra angry face that buyers can swap out on the statue.

The entire statue stands at 32 inches to boot, making Robin stand tall among the rest of your comic memorabilia.

So how much does a statue like this cost? Only a whopping $899. The statues are incredibly limited in supply too - only 500 units of the standard statue are being made. An even more limited run of 300 will be made for a statue that also comes with an interchangable head that features Batman's young ward demasked, in addition to the two heads featured in the standard version.

It might break the bank, but Robin has never looked so cool. There's probably a reason for that, as this is far from Prime 1 Studio's first Batman: Arkham Knight statue. The company has done great work on the game's title villain previously, as well as statues of some of Batman's various alternate skins from the game and more.

This Robin, however, is special just because the character doesn't always get the respect he deserves. Tim Drake chose to be Robin and dedicated himself to becoming the best sidekick the world had ever seen. It only makes sense for him to get his own moment in the spotlight.

You can check out images of the statue below, and read more about it on the Prime 1 Studio official Facebook page.

Photos: Prime 1 Studio

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