Let us face it, we have all probably seen tons of photos from Snapchat or Facebook's face swap app, especially after Mark Zuckerberg announced the acquisition of MSQRD in March.

However, out of all those face-swapped photos, even the ones made by celebrities and their fictional film alter-egos – like Jared Leto face-swapping with The Joker – you probably have never seen a real time face-swapping video that is quite as hilarious as the English grandmother who got to experience the technology for the first time, courtesy of her own grandchildren.

Charley Stillwell introduces her Nan to the concept of face-swapping on Facebook and decided to record her reactions to each famous celebrity face swap.

She got her grandmother to play around with the face-swap feature and enjoyed her squeals and giggles at the wacky results of her own choices, especially when she used the Beyoncé and Marilyn Monroe filters.

"I don't like it! Clear it off!" Nan says in one of the transformations.

"We are all overwhelmed that everyone loves her as much as we do. She's had so many lovely messages!" Kirsty Baker said. Baker is Stillwell's cousin who revealed that the video was initially posted on Facebook for the family to laugh about.

"She is probably the naughtiest one out of all of us grandchildren and great-grandchildren, constantly making us cry with laughter. Nanny Noo Narr is truly an incredible lady," Stillwell describes her grandmother.

It is actually near impossible not to laugh along with Nan's infectious laughter, but if you don't believe us, you can always watch the video below and try to see if you can stop yourself from reacting.

Admit it... you laughed, didn't you?

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