This Machine Learning Algorithm Reveals Which 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Will Probably Die Next


You don't have to be a diehard Game of Thrones fan to know that characters are killed off left and right in the HBO series. What real fans don't know is the fate of their favorite characters in season 6, especially since war is coming.

If you can't bear to wait one more second wondering what happened to Jon Snow out in the cold, you can check out this site that uses a machine learning algorithm to reveal which GoT characters will probably kick the bucket next.

The algorithm was developed as part of a project called "A Song of Ice and Data" by students in a JavaScript Course at the Technical University of Munich. The students used data from A Wiki of Ice and Fire that features information from George R.R. Martin's books as well as the series.

The "Song of Ice and Data" algorithm uses two-dozen features, like age, gender, relationship status, nobility, which house they belong to and their overall popularity to predict the percentage of how likely the characters are to die or remain alive in the series.

The algorithm takes into account all 2,028 characters from the books, novella and reader's companions, and extracts information of each specific character's features.

The team used a feature set to best distinguish the dead from the living characters to find out the probability of that character's fate. This means that, if a character with certain features died, the algorithm determines a specific living character has a high probability of death if they share similar features.

According to the algorithm, the characters most likely to die next include Tommen Baratheon (97 percent), Stannis Baratheon (96 percent), Daenerys Targaryen (95 percent), Davos Seaworth (91 percent) and Petyr Baelish (91 percent).

These are pretty high statistics, so you better start preparing yourself for the inevitable now if it's spot-on.

Game of Thrones fans have the ability to see the chance of death for every currently-living character — including Jon Snow. Interestingly enough, the chances that we won't see our favorite character return is pretty slim. Snow has only an 11 percent likelihood to die.

It's Sansa Stark who is the most likely to survive, with just a three percent probability of death. She is followed by Snow, then Cersei Lannister (16 percent), Mace Tyrell (18 percent) and Roose Bolton (28 percent).

See if your favorite character will make it out alive when Game of Thrones premieres on HBO on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT.

Source: CNet

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