A lot of people taking prescription medicines such as maintenance pills tend to forget if they have taken their dose for the day while some have a hard time tracking whether their loved ones have already taken the necessary medicine. A new home health product is a solution to these problems: the PillDrill.

The PillDrill is a new scanning system that enables users person to track their prescriptions and remind them to take their medicines. This innovative device also helps family members and caregivers to track whether their patient had taken their medicines without having to nag them through calls and texts.

PillDrill is an improved pill container that has a scanning ability to track if one had already taken their needed dose. It is like an alarm clock that reminds patients to take their medicines if they had forgotten to do so, and it is also like an automated phone that sends notifications to primary caregivers if the meds have been taken or not.

"Medication adherence is one of the biggest issues in health care today," said Peter Havas, PillDrill Inc.'s founder and CEO.

In the United States alone, insufficient medication adherence results to hospital admission by 10 percent, treatment failures by 40 percent and almost 125,000 of deaths. Poor medication adherence could also result in conflict between family members especially if one is responsible for taking care of another person.

The PillDrill is easy to use and can serve one or more people. It also adjusts to different medication routines and helps one to track their own medication or a loved one's medicine regimen.

"What's special about PillDrill is that it blends right into the person's existing routine: a light overlay that provides all the benefits of a technology product without any of the hassles," Havas added.

How It Works

PillDrill is composed of the PillDrill Hub, 12 pieces of scanning tags, two pieces of pill strips labeled AM and PM and the Mood Cube, which features five moods: Great, Good, OK, Bad and Awful.

The PillDrill Hub is the center of all the scanning and notifying features of the device. It measures 6 inches in length, 3 inches in width and 3 inches in height. PillDrill works by connecting its cord to a power outlet and Wi-Fi. Its audio-visual alerts are audible enough to notify a person whenever they haven't taken their medicines. It is also equipped with sensor wherein users just need to swipe the tagged medicines to register it as taken.

The Pill Strip is the weekly medicine organizer, designed just like regular plastic pill containers but built with sensors to help one register the medicine as taken on the PillDrill Hub. It also enables one to place any amount of strip to accommodate a specific medication routine.

The PillDrill's Mood Cube is a dice-like cube with five moods, one face mood on each side. This serves as a wellness tracker for those taking their pills. It is also built with sensor that can be swiped on the hub to register the person's current mood. This is very useful to monitor whether a new medicine is good for the person or it would be better to stick to the old prescription.

The 12 scanning tags work by placing them on the medicine bottles to easily scan medicine without the hassle of placing them on the strip. Users just need to stick the tags on the container and scan it on the hub.

The PillDrill app is an optional but very important inclusion in the kit. This app syncs with the PillDrill Hub to enable primary caregivers to keep in touch and be informed of patients' medicine-taking remotely. The app tracks whether patients have already taken their medicines and how they are feeling.

For personal use, this app can send you a notification if you have forgotten to take your pill or if you have successfully finished your medications. Medicine scheduling and setup may also be done through this app.

This smart medication tracking device is now available for orders with a special introductory price of $199 in www.pilldrill.com.

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