British Astronaut Tim Peake Greets Queen Elizabeth II Happy Birthday From Space


The United Kingdom's longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, recently celebrated her 90th birthday. While the UK — and the rest of the world — chimed in to greet Her Majesty, British astronaut Tim Peake greeted the monarch by posting a birthday card from space.

In his Twitter account, Peake is seen floating inside the International Space Station (ISS) holding a hand drawn birthday card for Her Majesty, which says "Happy Birthday Your Majesty."

It seemed that Peake took a sheet from a three-ring binder somewhere inside the ISS to write his greeting. He posted the photo on Twitter, which so far had garnered over 5 thousand likes.

The British astronaut also dressed for the occasion. In the Twitter photo, Peake was wearing a black shirt with the words "Science is Great Britain" printed in bold letters.

Peake is the first British crewmember onboard the ISS, representing the European Space Agency (ESA). But this isn't the first time Peake took to social media to express him patriotism and love for Her Majesty.

In January, the ESA posted Peake's message to Her Majesty while onboard the ISS. In the YouTube video, Peake addressed Queen Elizabeth II while a United Kingdom flag hung in the background.

"I can tell you, it's incredible to look at the British Isles for the first time from space," Peak said in the video posted last January. The YouTube video has over 27,000 views.

In December 2015, Her Majesty published a message for Peake as he joined the ISS crew. Peake's YouTube video in January was his response to The Queen's message.

"Prince Philip and I are pleased to transmit our best wishes to Major Timothy Peake as he joins the International Space Station in Orbit. We hope that Major Peake's work on the Space Station will serve as an inspiration to a new generation of scientists and engineers," said Her Majesty in a message released online on Dec. 15, 2015.

The Queen's message was also posted on Twitter by the @BritishMonarchy on Dec. 15, 2015. Peak launched toward the ISS on Dec. 15, 2015, along with NASA astronaut Tim Kopra and Russian commander Yuri Malenchenko.

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