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Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates 65 Years As Monarch: Look Back At Britain's Longest Reign

Queen Elizabeth II has become an enduring symbol of tireless devotion to her country. She is widely considered as the most-photographed and most-traveled leader and the world's longest-reigning living monarch.

Celebrities February 7, 2017

British Astronaut Tim Peake Greets Queen Elizabeth II Happy Birthday From Space

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's birthday celebration reaches space. British astronaut Tim Peake greets UK's longest-reigning monarch by posting a birthday card from space and dressing for the occasion.

Space April 23, 2016

Queen Elizabeth Turns 90, Poses For A Portrait With The Youngest Members Of The Royal Family

Britain's Queen Elizabeth had her portrait taken together with her great-grandchildren as part of the celebration of her 90th birthday. The photograph was taken by American photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Society April 21, 2016

Queen's Nazi Salute Footage Released By The Sun Shocks Buckingham Palace

Footage of Queen Elizabeth II giving a Nazi salute triggers a hailstorm. Buckingham Palace said The Sun 'exploited' the archived imagery, but the tabloid begs to differ.

Society July 20, 2015

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana: What's In A Name?

Her name is a tribute to family, tradition, and good ol’ 21st century personal taste.

Internet Culture May 5, 2015

Duchess Of Cambridge Gives Birth To A Princess

The newest member of the royal family is a girl! The little princess is fourth in line to the throne.

Internet Culture May 3, 2015

Conan O'Brien gets burned by Madeleine Albright on Twitter

Conan O'Brien made the mistake of joking about Madeleine Albright on Twitter, and the former Secretary of State retaliated.

Movies/TV Shows October 24, 2014

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