Jaguar Land Rover unveiled that it is the first car manufacturer that embeds Tile support in its dashboard.

Do you know that awful moment when you get into your vehicle and you start checking after your wallet, your bag, your phone and whatnot? Should you own a Jaguar Land Rover, the car will do the checkup for you and announce if you have misplaced any of your important items.

As a reminder, Tile involves little white squares that can be stuck to keys and other miscellaneous objects, so you can easily keep tabs on them. Tile makes your everyday objects act as beacons. It achieves it by deploying Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which sends a signal to smartphones and other smart devices.

The carmaker says the 2017 Discovery Sport will feature Tile among the InControl apps setup. With it, the car will alert the driver should any of the Tile-tracked items not be in the vehicle. The previous version of Discovery also sported embedded InControl technology.

A number of situations could benefit from the innovation. Those who often find themselves at an airport terminal and realize they forgot an essential bag home will definitely agree. The great thing about Tile is that you may place one on anything, even on your animal companion.

Using Tile in the car is both easy and flexible. Drivers may tell the Jaguar what Tile token to track, and a warning will be issued if you attempt to drive off without one important item. By tapping on the screen, you get an immediate last known location of the object which the respective Tile is placed on. This ensures that no wallet, luggage, keyset or bicycle is left behind.

So far, only the vehicles that have the InControl app platform receive Tile compatibility. Should your SUV sport the platform, go ahead and download the Tile app.

The price for one Tile is $25 and each token provides a year's worth of tracking before they require a replacement. While they are not dirt cheap, we'll go on a limb and say that Jaguar Land Rover owners can afford to shell out that much for their comfort.

"We believe this integration will provide many benefits such as improved assurance and peace of mind," says Mike Farley, CEO of Tile.

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