This website shows the least-liked photos on Instagram


We've all experienced that drowning sensation that happens when your Instagram photo doesn't reach the double digits of approval.

In spirit or mockery of this sensation, a site is displaying the least-liked Instagram photos from accounts around the world. The site shows exactly why the pictures didn't get a like.

Created by Daniël Sumarna, Tal Midyan and Tim Hettler, the live feed called No Likes Yet allows users to start browsing through Instagram images that have zero likes. The photos typically have horrible lighting, awkward angles or are strange selfies.

"Okay we get it, not all Instagram photo are perfect, but zero likes? That's a user being's worse nightmare," the site writes.

Not only can you look through the least-liked Instagram photos from around the world, but you can also investigate your friends' photos as well as your own photos that got no love.

"No Likes Yet brings you all the photos that never got a single like and invites you to explore the dark side of Instagram," the site reads.

Users can directly give a photo a like to take it off the list of unpopular photos, but from the looks of if, many photos might be "doomed to be on this website forever."

Browsing through the feed can show you what not to do. Check out this sample of the least-liked treasures of Instagram.

This masked woman who should have hid that duck face.

These crazy eyes that should have borrowed that mask.

Take the wheel! This pointless dark and blurry back seat image.

(Photo : bettyzhumeng)

This bad angle of a bartender who is mixing one interesting cocktail.

This awkward moment between a woman and her pet.

This example of the unhappy, double chin selfie angle.

And lastly, this creepy figure that is staring at you.

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