Microsoft is really determined to get people to upgrade to its latest OS, and the bullish way in which the company "recommends" the upgrade made it to the news.

A Windows 10 notification upgrade popped up recently during a weather forecast and interrupted the meteorologist who was simply trying to do her duty.

Our readers from Iowa might have caught the hilarious moment on live TV.

Metinka Slater, a KCCI 8 meteorologist, was warning viewers about an upcoming thunderstorm and no less than 12 hours of heavy rainfall, when her presentation came to an abrupt halt due to the Windows 10 upgrade notification, covering most of the radar screen.

Check out the rather funny moment on the KCCI's site, and give a silent round of applause to Slater's presence of spirit.

"Microsoft recommends upgrade to Windows 10, what should I do?" Slater asked rhetorically.

To little surprise, the irritating upgrade window showed only two options: "Upgrade now" vs. "Start download, upgrade later." In a telling response to the above question, Slater went on with the description of the upcoming weather and selected another video source.

Microsoft has a long history of complaints from Windows users who are tired of being bombarded with requests for OS upgrades. The company seemed to think that being pushy about Windows 10 is the best way to go.

Take this particular case, where one user tells his post-BSOD experience. His PC rebooted, and at the startup he was prompted with the question "would you like to solve your problem?" Naturally, he clicked on the "Yes" icon, but found in dismay that Microsoft immediately started to download and install Windows 10.

But even if sometimes the pop-up upgrade window can be irritating, examples such as Slater's do bring a little humor to the table.

At the moment, Microsoft counts over 270 million devices that have Windows 10 as their main OS.

Should you be among those eager to see Windows 10 booting on your computer, we put together a few steps that can quicken the download of Microsoft's latest OS.

Just remember to back up all your data in case you change your mind.

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