The big Windows 10 launch date has finally arrived and the OS is here, but many still don't have the green light to download it.

Clicking on the tiny Windows logo at the bottom right of the screen on PC previously opened a window that allowed users to reserve their free Windows 10 upgrade by submitting their email address. With the launch day now upon us, that logo now displays a message notifying users that Windows 10 is here (see image above).

At the same time, that doesn't apply to all just yet. Many users are still not able to download the update until Microsoft gives the green light, because the company plans to release Windows 10 gradually, in waves. For this reason, some computers will not be able to download the new OS right away even if they're ready.

While some may be fine with waiting, however, others are determined to get Windows 10 now. A Windows 10 thread (subreddit) on popular website Reddit explains how some users managed to force Windows 7 or Windows 8 to download the new Windows 10 even if the install app still says it will "notify you when ready."

If you're not willing to wait anymore for Windows 10 to become ready for your PC, here are a few steps you can take if you want to force the download.

First of all, go to "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download" and delete all files in that location so that Windows Update can start clean. If you have installed Windows on a drive other than "C," replace "C" with the proper drive letter (for instance access "D:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download" if your Windows is installed on "D").

From there on, tap the Windows key, type Windows Update, and click it to open it. Hit the Windows key again to bring up the command prompt and type "cmd." Instead of hitting Enter, however, right click and select "Run as Administrator." Next up, type "wuauclt.exe /updatenow" and again refrain from hitting enter. This command will make Windows Update check for updates.

Head back to the Windows Update window, select "Check for updates" on the left, and you should notice a status message that says "Checking for updates..." When you notice this message, go back to the command prompt where you typed the command without hitting Enter, and hit Enter now.

At this point, Windows Update should say that it's downloading the latest Windows 10. As always, however, make sure to back up your data before proceeding with the Windows 10 install.

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