Windows 10 welcomes Facebook, Messenger and Instagram apps, allowing users to make full use of these Facebook apps without the need for a browser.

The company announced on April 28 that it is bringing Facebook and Messenger to Windows 10 on desktop while it is rolling out Instagram on Windows 10 mobile.

Definitely one of the top social networking sites today, Facebook made its mark by ensuring that it is constantly updating its services for the enjoyment of users. That’s why it’s not really surprising how Facebook now rolls out its apps for the Windows 10 operating system.

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram apps are built to work well with the many features of Windows 10.

For example, the new Facebook app is supposed to work perfectly with the Live Tiles features of Windows 10. The Facebook app for Windows 10 comes with stickers, notifications and even the newly added Reactions. Users also have access to an in-app browser, which can be used to go through the site.

With the new Messenger app for Windows 10, notifications will adopt a “pop-up” capacity on the desktop. These apps can also be added into the Start Menu, allowing users to launch it from this point.

Meanwhile, the Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile supports video, Direct Messaging, the modernized Search and Explore feature, Account Switching functionality along with Live Tile integration. Users can see their notifications on their home screen once they pin this app on it. On top of that, the Tile shows up photos.

What This Means

So why get a Facebook app for Windows 10 if users can use the traditional browser route? The benefits of making these Facebook apps on Windows 10 is to ensure that their users go directly to their site — with no temptations to browse anywhere else, says a report from Huffington Post. Through Chrome or Mozilla, there are still a few other options users can go to when enjoying their Internet connection. With these apps, however, there’s the opportunity to remain exclusive, keeping users within the site while at the same time giving them a one-click access at all times.

Of course, there’s also the benefit for users. With these new Facebook apps specifically set to work seamlessly with Windows 10, users gain access to notifications and messages directly on the desktop quick and easy without keeping a browser open.

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