After releasing a game fix for the Xbox One version of Quantum Break earlier this week, developer Remedy Entertainment provided a similar patch for the game's PC version on Saturday, April 30.

This patch is expected to address a number of performance issues concerning Quantum Break for PCs such as frame rate and refresh rate problems as well as the lack of a quit option.

It will also have fixes for other in-game glitches that were also seen on the Xbox One version. These include removing a rare bug that deletes progress after the game is completed and preventing players from losing their cloud saves.

Remedy has also made several adjustments to Quantum Break's acts and fixed some audio, collision and pathing issues.

According to the game studio, the crashing issues identified with the game's PC version seem to stem from problems with memory management. However, before it can address these issues, Microsoft needs to provide an update for Windows 10 first.

Remedy said in a recent post that Microsoft is aware of the issue and is already working on a fix for it.

"Microsoft has identified a Windows 10 memory management issue, which may cause Quantum Break to crash on some GPUs," the game developer said"This crash is seen more frequently at higher game settings. Microsoft plans to fix this in a future Windows Update."

Here are some of the fixes and updates included in the Quantum Break PC version patch:

General PC Fixes and Updates

1. Addressed several issues with Unicode that didn't allow some gamers from launching Quantum Break

2. Fixed several issues with keyboard inputs

3. Fixed full screen scaling and aspect ratio for resolutions outside of 16:9

4. Added option to use Alt + Enter command to switch between windowed and full screen modes

5. Addressed resolution issues when switching from windowed mode to full screen mode

6. Fixed frame rate and refresh rate problems

7. Rearranged unlock descriptions for Will Diary 1 and Will Diary 2

8. Fixed issues with in-game credits

9. Addressed issues with Jack's subtitles not appearing during certain cinematic sequences

10. Fixed issue with Remedy logo

Act Fixes and Updates

Act 2 Part 1: Addressed Nick's pathing issues

Act 2 Part 3: Enabled collision on time machine corridor to keep player characters from inadvertently falling to their death

Act 5: Fixed issue with final subtitle appearing too quickly for players to read

Act 5: Addressed issue with missing line in Portuguese audio during a cinematic sequence in Act 5

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