Music icon Prince released numerous studio albums and musical projects during his life. In his death, his literal vault of unreleased music has been reportedly opened, giving access to more than 2,000 songs.

To put that number into perspective, it's enough material apparently for his estate and Universal Music to put out an album every year for a century.

That's a lot of albums, but it's not exactly surprising that Prince has made that much music as he records something nearly every day.

"If I didn't make music, I'd die," he once said, describing his creativity as a curse.

Aside from studio recordings, Prince has several music videos and two full-length videos in the vault in Paisley Park, his private estate in Minnesota. His former tour manager said that the singer recorded most of his concerts so there will also be live recordings numbering in the hundreds tucked away.

The vault sounds like a legend but Hunting for Prince's Vault sets the record straight. Yes, Prince really does have tons of unreleased music sitting around in a room, and it was his former sound engineer Susan Rogers who started it.

In the BBC documentary, Rogers shared how it all began as a way to organize Prince's work. He would always ask her to look for this and that so she started gathering his works in one place. Then Paisley Park came about and they decided to have an actual vault for all the music she's collected of Prince and they just kept adding to it over the years.

And now, Bremer Trust, a company given temporary authority to manage Prince's estate in his death, has opened the vault. Unfortunately, the singer didn't have a will so it is not immediately clear who will be signing off on releasing music from the vault as his estate's representative.

According to state law, in the absence of a will, the estate will be divided between Prince's sister Tyka Nelson and his five half-siblings.

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