League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world, with millions upon millions of players worldwide. That success has catapulted developer Riot Games to the top of the industry, which is why it can now commission incredible works of art like the one you're about to see below.

It's a statue of Lucian, and boy, is it glorious. Not only does it feature the most lifelike Lucian ever created, but the statue pits the hero against a trio of ghouls leaping out from a ghastly lantern, complete with light and smoke effects. Lucian is suspended in mid-air, after he has just fired his trademark Purifier straight through the head of one of his attackers.

To call it impressive would be an understatement, but that's likely nothing new for Steve Wang and the crew at Alliance Studio who brought it to life. Wang is well known in Hollywood circles, and has helped bring everything from the Predator to Hellboy to life on screen. He and his company are also no strangers to video games, and have put together some amazing statues for companies like Blizzard and Riot Games in the past. Over on Alliance's website, you can see images of lifelike recreations of popular League of Legends champions, like Tryndamere, Ziggs, Ryze and Annie, making Alliance no stranger to working with Riot.

However, while all of the creations mentioned above are stunning, Lucian blows them all out of the water. Here's what Wang had to say about the creation of the statue:

"We worked very closely with them (Riot) to insure [sic] we captured Lucian in all his glory," he writes on Facebook. Many changes were made along the way to integrate some of the established in-game designs. We were also given a lot of freedom to explore the world and to add our creative design input. All in all, another amazing experience working with the art team at Riot!"

Here's an image of Lucian's artwork from the game for the sake of comparison.

Riot should be beyond pleased with this one. You can check out more images of the final product below, as well as tons of behind-the-scenes pictures over on Wang's Facebook page.