After recently bringing back the technique of kaio-ken, it looks like Dragon Ball Super will be pulling yet another classic Dragon Ball Z idea back into the spotlight. That idea is none other than time travel, and time travel in the DBZ universe can only mean one thing: Future Trunks.

Last time we saw the sword-wielding saiyan, he had arrived from a doomed future to single-handedly defeat Frieza and King Cold. He also gave Goku a vaccine to a deadly disease and warned of a future where two powerful androids reigned supreme. Future Trunks is eventually killed by Cell, but is later restored with the Dragon Balls and returns to his own time, where he defeats the androids (and Cell) of his own timeline.

Now he's returned to the past once again to warn Goku and the others of yet another deadly enemy. What enemy would that be, exactly? It's not 100 percent confirmed, but Anime News Network reports that series creator Akira Toriyama has teased a villain by the name of "Goku Black." Toriyama also seemed to confirm that both gods of destruction and the supreme kai would also play a role in the upcoming storyline.

Is Goku going evil? Perhaps the vaccine Future Trunks gave Goku all of those years ago will come into play, but for now that's all speculation. It's unclear who exactly the Z fighters will be facing off against, but they must be powerful indeed if they are capable of going toe-to-toe with Goku and his now absurdly high power levels. Here's the official description of the arc:

"Why has Future Trunks returned to the present again after defeating Cell and attaining peace?" and "Who will be the future's new enemy?"

You can check out the character's new look below. This new story arc is set to kick off on June 12, so fans won't have to wait to long to see what is next for the series. You can read more about recent happenings on Dragon Ball Super (like Goku's use of kaio-ken while in Super Saiyan God form) here.

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