Over the years, Donald Trump has been involved in numerous businesses, projects and campaigns. Once upon a time, during a more innocent age when Trump wasn't about to become the Republican presidential nominee, he even had a board game.

However, this wasn't any old board game. It's called Trump: The Game, and it's basically just a blatant Monopoly ripoff. Did you really expect anything else?

According to Boardgamegeek.com, the game is played like this: players circle the game board bidding on various properties, along the way picking up "Trump Cards." Once all the properties have been purchased, players then begin to negotiate, using their Trump Cards to buy and sell properties in an attempt to complete sets and score bigger payoffs. The twist to the whole game is that players don't know how much the properties they acquired are actually worth. That's revealed at the end of the game. The player with the most money at the end wins.

Sound exciting? I guess it does, if you like Monopoly (which you probably shouldn't). Trump: The Game sports a 5.3 rating out of 10 on Board Game Geek, pegging it as on being the lower end of "average."

That's really not surprising. What is surprising is how uninformative (and hilarious) the game's television advertisement from 1988 is. The 30-second ad does little to tell you anything about the game. Instead, the ad shows people freaking out over Trump unveiling his new game, a game that proudly boasts the tagline: "It's not whether you win or lose, it's whether you win." At the end, Trump himself boldly declares, "I think you'll like it."

Yep, that definitely sounds like Trump. The ad isn't so different than Trump's entire political campaign. Rather than say anything meaningful or add any intelligent insight, Trump's campaign and this board game ad both toss Trump's name around as if it's supposed to mean something. It's hard to say whether Trump himself had any kind of involvement in the creation of the game or the ad, but it wouldn't surprise us if he did.

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