Following Tesla's announcement of its more aggressive production timeline, images of the company’s gargantuan Gigafactory have cropped up on the Web.

Tesla said during its recent earnings conference that it aims to produce 500,000 cars by 2018, not 2020 as originally projected.

A few experts on Wall Street, though, are not convinced that the Palo Alto-based electric vehicle maker can manage to manufacture half a million cars by 2018.

Ryan Brinkman, a JPMorgan analyst, wrote in a research note that he does not believe that the carmaker will be able to achieve the target number in the said year.

Colin Langan, a UBS analyst, told CNBC that it is a very difficult target and that it is going to be challenging to attain this goal.

Just recently, more images of the Gigafactory have emerged online, showing that Tesla's humongous, $5 billion factory is presently being put up outside of Reno, Nevada.

Bloomberg has posted a report describing the construction progress of the enormous Gigafactory, revealing a sneak peek of this gigantic facility.

Here is a rundown of the important things laid out in Bloomberg's report.

1. The Gigafactory 1's lobby features high ceilings, large windows, black leather chairs and gleaming white floors. It displays a model of the supercharger and the chassis of a Model S and Model X. It also has a Powerwall hanging "like a piece of modern art" in this part of the facility. On top of that, displayed in the building's lobby is the structural model of the entire Gigafactory.

2. The production of the Powerwall batteries for the home, the bigger Powerpack for commercial users and soon, the Model 3 battery packs will be housed in the Gigafactory.

3. At the moment, there exist 350 employees inside this facility.

4. The factory is already 14 percent finished. Moreover, 90 percent of the facility's interior space is currently being constructed.

5. Inside the building, visitors will find rows of desks as well as plenty of whiteboards.

6. Interior rooms are currently being prepared to house raw materials.

7. Some of the facility's sections are going to be four stories tall.

8. Fixed-tilt solar panels will soon be installed on the building's entire roof.

9. The Gigafactory is being constructed in sections, allowing for the battery production to kick-start before the whole building is completed.

When construction of the Gigafactory is finished, it will have a footprint of 5.8 million square feet.

To boil things down, time will only tell whether or not the company can manage to hit its goal two years from today. At any rate, the completion of what is deemed the world's largest building when it comes to floor area is critical for it to hit its target of producing 500,000 electric cars by 2018.

In December, Tech Times reported about the first images of Elon Musk’s Tesla Gigafactory. If you wish to check out more photos of the facility, head on over to Bloomberg's report.

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