In an effort to make live streaming a bit easier for YouTube users, LG announced on May 12 that it will be launching a new action camera that can be streamed directly to the website.

The LG Action CAM LTE, which will initially debut in South Korea this June, has built-in LTE connectivity. This means that it can stream to sites like YouTube seamlessly, eliminating the need to use a smartphone in the process.

"We are committed to expanding the LG Playground ecosystem with both modules and standalone accessories and Action CAM LTE is one of many more that we plan to announce this year," said Juno Cho, LG Electronics and Mobile Communications company president. "Action CAM LTE is an example of the kind of innovation we will be bringing to market, devices that offer features unavailable in other competing products."

The 12.3 megapixel camera can also connect via 3G and Wi-Fi. It has Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity as well, along with high-definition streaming. It comes with 2 GB of RAM and 4 GB of ROM, and a microSD card (up to 2 TB) can be used with the device. At less than a pound, the LG Action CAM LTE is easy enough to carry around for on-the-spot streaming and recording purposes.

Its 1,400 mAh battery allows for up to four hours of full high-definition recording. The device was also designed with motion in mind — it can capture smooth video while attached to helmets, bicycles, cars and other fast-moving objects. Those who expect durability will get that, too, with up to one meter of water protection for a maximum of 30 minutes. A waterproof case will be released by LG in the third quarter for use during activities like scuba diving and surfing. The LG Action CAM LTE is complete dust- and sand-resistant for heavy outdoor use.

For those who want to use it for less-rigorous activities, the LG Action CAM LTE can be utilized as a CCTV camera for home monitoring or as a car dash cam. Images from the device can be downloaded and added to smartphones for further review.

Prices for the device will be released by LG at a later date. Following the launch in South Korea, the camera will go on sale in worldwide markets, including North America.

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