California-based Cola, which is responsible for creating a messaging OS with the same name, officially launched a new feature in partnership with the Weather Channel on May 12. Now, Cola users can stream weather directly on the OS via "Cola bubbles," or messages, on their screens.

The data, which comes directly from the Weather Channel, is location-based. Upon receiving the Cola bubble, users can continue to ask, "What's the weather like?" to get real-time updates.

"Cola was initially conceived as a platform, an 'operating system' for messaging, where third-party services and information are incorporated directly into the message stream, obviating the need to pogo-stick from messaging to other apps and back again," said David Temkin, CEO of Cola. "The Weather Channel is a ubiquitous, and incredibly popular destination online, across all platforms; using their rich and extremely reliable weather data to turn this essential conversation piece into an interactive bubble makes it easy to make plans with anyone, anywhere and be ready for any type of weather."

Cola is working with a number of third-party developers as it finishes its software development kit. The Weather Channel is the first of its partners to use the platform for interactive messaging. When the "How's the Weather?" Cola bubble pops up on the screen, users can find out the 24-hour and five-day forecasts for their friends on the app with a single click.

"The weather plays a major role in our daily habits and various activities. We know that users want the most timely, accurate weather information possible and the Cola weather bubble allows users to share personalized, hyperlocal conditions with their contacts seamlessly and efficiently," said Jason Sinnarajah, vice president of business development at the Weather Company.

Cola uses SMS to register individuals onto the platform. The app, which is free for iOS users, is designed to streamline the messaging process with interactive features. For instance, users can use Cola to determine their friends' locations, send photos or shoot out a to-do list.

Cola was officially founded in 2015. Silicon Valley experts including David Temkin, Mike McEvoy and Jeremy Wyld are all contributors to the platform's development.

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