Near the end of March, Amazon announced that it has expanded its Dash Button to support new products and brands, taking the total number of the device to over 100.

Launched last year, Amazon Dash Buttons are simple devices that allow customers to purchase products from Amazon easily. Just by pressing the button, customers will automatically place an order for the item associated with the Dash Button and have it delivered to their doorstep.

It seems that the expansion of the Dash Button is on full swing, as Amazon has unveiled a customizable Dash Button for developers to play with.

The device is called the Amazon Web Services Internet of Things Button, which will not only allow developers to customize the device to work with more brands and products but also to associate it with tasks and services.

The AWS IoT Button can actually be made to connect with different services provided by Amazon without any coding skills. However, developers will be able to fully take advantage of the device, with some possibilities of the AWS IoT Button including starting a car, calling a friend or activating an appliance.

The device comes with a price tag of $20 and is sold to developers with active AWS accounts. The price is higher compared to the $5 cost of the regular Dash Button, but its customizability is indeed something that will make it worth the added cost.

Developers seem to agree with that, as once Amazon started offering the device, it was sold out in less than a day. For the lucky ones who were able to get an order in, they should expect the device to arrive within the few coming days. There is no indication on when the stocks will be refilled.

The AWS IoT Button, similar to the Dash Button, only has an active life of about 1,000 presses, though, as the device's battery will run out by then. There is no way to recharge or install a new battery, which means that once it is dead, customers and developers will need to order a replacement.

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