Users of Google's Pixel C tablet have reported rebooting issues since the installation of the May security and stability update for Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

A handful of threads across various forums have already popped up regarding the issue, which is frustrating for Pixel C users as Google-branded hardware are the last devices that you would think would run into Android software problems.

According to an Android Issue Tracker thread, the Pixel C reboots whenever the tablet goes to sleep while not plugged in to its charger. The reboots spontaneously occur while off the charger, and the issue started to occur after installing the May monthly update.

Flashing the device back to its state after the April update worked in fixing the problem, which means that it is really the May update that is the problem. A thread on the official Nexus Forum also contained similar details regarding the issue, with the Pixel C rebooting every time it goes to sleep without being plugged in.

However, not all Pixel C tablets are experiencing the boot loop issue with the May update installed, signifying that perhaps the update is not the only problem and that there is an underlying hardware issue that is causing the boot loops. A Reddit user posting on a thread on the forum regarding the problem reported that after receiving a new Pixel C unit to replace the one experiencing the rebooting issue, the problem was not seen again even after installing the May update.

Google is thought to be working on the problem, but has so far not yet made an official comment on the matter regarding its cause and a possible solution.

Google offered the Pixel C tablet with a 25 percent discount in March, taking the price of the 32 GB variant from $449 to $375 and the 64 GB variant from $559 to $449. The promo is no longer available, but it would be frustrating for users that purchased the tablet through it to already be experiencing issues just a couple of months after receiving the Pixel C.

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