Australian athletes bound for the upcoming Rio Olympics will get their supply of anti-Zika condoms.

More specifically, Starpharma Holdings Ltd and Ansell Ltd say they will provide their antiviral Dual Protect VivaGel condoms, which may help provide protection against Zika virus as the athletes battle out in the sports event in Brazil.

Products To Be Given Out

Dual Protect is the only condom in the world with antiviral features. Aside from the physical boundary set by the condom itself, it also contains a lubricant called VivaGel.

VivaGel has been confirmed in the laboratory to suspend HIV, genital herpes and human papillomavirus. All these viruses may cause sexually transmitted infections.

According to laboratory studies, Starpharma has also confirmed that VivaGel exhibited an almost-perfect protective feature against Zika virus at degrees that are notably below than that found in Dual Protect condoms.

The combination of VivaGel by Starpharma and Dual Protect by Ansell is the first of its kind in the world. The products became available first in Australia, but the global distribution is now in the works.

Role Of Anti-Zika Condoms In Rio Olympics

"Starpharma is delighted to play a role in supporting Australian athletes as they compete on the world-stage at the Olympic Games in Rio," says Dr. Jackie Fairley, the CEO of Starpharma.

Meanwhile, Ansell's Jeyan Heper says the company, which is the leading protection solution provider in the world, is pleased to be of aid to the national team in the Olympics. He adds that the mission of the firm is to give innovative answers for the security, welfare and peace of mind of its clients, regardless of people's identity and location.

For Kitty Chiller, the Chef de Mission of 2016 national team, the health and welfare of the players are key priorities. She believes that the collaboration of the athletes with the company will give additional protection to athletes and a sensible strategy as they face a serious global problem in Rio.

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