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Climate-Driven Mosquito Boom Could Spread More Disease

Canada and northern Europe might become the new breeding grounds of mosquito if the global temperature continues to rise. A new study found that climate change will place more people at risk of Zika, dengue, yellow fever, and other diseases.

Public Health March 30, 2019

Immunity To Dengue Could Also Help Prevent Zika Infection

Children who have had dengue infection are less likely to be sick from Zika virus, new research found. Both diseases are spread through the bite of the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

Public Health January 23, 2019

Millions Of Mosquitoes Released In Miami: Here's Why This Is A Good Thing

Millions of mosquitoes were released in South Miami's Brewers Park. The mosquitoes, however, are special, as they are bred in a laboratory to carry the naturally occurring Wolbachia bacteria, which will help control the insect's population.

Public Health February 9, 2018

Swatting Mosquitoes Trains Them To Stay Away From You: Other Ways To Avoid Mosquito Bites

Swatting mosquitoes away is one way of teaching them to avoid you, a new research suggests. Here are other recommended ways to avoid getting bitten by these disease-carrying bugs.

Public Health January 29, 2018

EPA Approves Release Of Lab-Grown Mosquitoes To Fight Zika And Dengue

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has given the green light to release lab-grown mosquitoes in some selected places in the United States. The insects will be infected with the Wolbachia bacteria, which will aid in containing diseases such as Zika and dengue.

Public Health November 10, 2017

Zika Poses Higher Risk Of Birth Defects In US Than Previously Estimated

A CDC study has found that one in every 10 pregnant women infected by Zika virus gives birth to babies with birth defects. Researchers have recommended CT scans for babies infected with Zika to check for underlying abnormalities.

Public Health April 5, 2017

Nearly Half A Million US Doctors Could Not Be Wrong: Climate Change Harms Health

Nearly half a million U.S. doctors could not be wrong, as they warned that climate change causes more harm to public health. According to the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health, climate change is making Americans sicker.

Public Health March 16, 2017

Zika-Like Yellow Fever Raises Concern Despite Availability Of Vaccine: Here's Why

U.S. health officials have warned that advancement of Zika-like yellow fever in Brazil could pose another mosquito-borne health threat to the United States. They urged for closer monitoring of the outbreak, which is moving from less populated areas to cities.

Public Health March 11, 2017

Animal Study Shows New Zika Vaccine Effectively Protects With A Single Dose

Based on mRNAs, a new vaccine candidate against Zika has been shown effective against the virus. According to preclinical results, just one dose of the vaccine offers protective benefit.

Public Health February 3, 2017

What Made Zika So Deadly? 7 Proteins May Be To Blame, Say Researchers

Zika caused a public health emergency last year. Now, researchers have identified key proteins that may have been responsible for the virus’ severity, taking them a step closer to mitigating threats Zika still has.

Public Health January 4, 2017

2015 El Niño ‘Godzilla’ Fueled Zika Outbreak In South America: Study

The Zika virus outbreak in South America was said to have been supported by climatic changes due to the2015 El Niño ‘Godzilla’. A study made at University of Liverpool suggested that the climate favored the transmission of mosquito vectors and acted as a positive catalyst in spreading the virus.

Public Health December 23, 2016

Scientists Discover Mechanism In Potent Antibody Capable Of Neutralizing Zika Infection

Researchers have uncovered how a potent antibody is able to neutralize the Zika virus and prevent an infection from taking place. The discovery holds potential as a treatment target in the fight against Zika.

Public Health November 26, 2016

People Infected With Zika May Not Be Susceptible To The Virus Again: Study

A new study has found that people infected with Zika may become immune to the virus, as infection provides excellent protection against reinfection. The research was carried out by a series of collaborators.

Medicine October 14, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Is Poised To Make Florida's Zika And Tourism Woes Much Worse

Florida already has Zika and a weakened tourism sector to worry about, and the arrival of Hurricane Matthew has made things a whole lot worse.

Earth/Environment October 7, 2016

CDC Issues Zika Advisory For Pregnant Women Traveling To 11 Southeast Asian Countries

The CDC issued on Thursday a travel advisory for pregnant women traveling to 11 Southeast Asian countries amid the risk of Zika virus infection. Officials say that although local residents may be immune, travelers from the United States may not be.

Public Health September 29, 2016

As Concerns Of Zika In Florida Continue To Rise, Tourism Is Poised To Take A Dive

Tourism in Florida has taken a rather significant hit, as concerns about Zika have made would-be tourists book their vacations in 'safer' locales.

Public Health September 27, 2016

Mosquito Saliva Found Effective At Keeping Dengue Virus At Bay

Mosquito saliva could offer protection against Dengue virus, reports a recent study. It is found that the protein D7 present in the mosquito spit inhibits the transmission of virus into the host.

Public Health September 22, 2016

Zika Virus May Be Spread From Infected Eyes, Suggests Study

Zika is spreading fast and researchers are scrambling to learn more about it. According to a new study, however, the virus can find its way to the eyes, making the windows to the soul a possible infection source.

Public Health September 8, 2016

Zika Continues To Spread In Singapore As Locally-Transmitted Cases Climb To 82

Singapore has 82 locally-transmitted Zika cases — nearly twice the number of the U.S., despite only having a mere fraction of the population.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 31, 2016

FDA Approves Releasing Oxitec's Genetically Modified Mosquitoes In Florida To Fight Zika Virus

Federal health regulators gave their approval to a proposed field trial that would release genetically engineered mosquitoes in Florida. This is how Oxitec's mutant mosquitoes will help fight Zika.

Biotech August 6, 2016

Zika Cases Reported In Florida: How To Protect Against Zika And West Nile Virus This Summer

With Zika cases reported in Florida by mosquito bites and it being prime West Nile Virus time, here’s how to protect against the bugs for the rest of the summer.

Public Health August 1, 2016

South Korea Confirms Sixth Case Of Zika Infection

South Korea confirmed its sixth Zika case in a 28-year-old woman, who traveled to the Caribbean island of Dominica in June 2014 and returned home on June 23. All six of South Korea's Zika cases are travel-related.

Public Health July 2, 2016

Zika Discoverer Leaves Treasure Trove Of Data On Mosquito-Borne Virus

Work of the man who first discovered Zika virus was found in the archives of the University of Glasgow. The slides, images and hand-written notes may help ongoing Zika researches.

Public Health June 3, 2016

Woman With Zika Delivers Baby With Microcephaly In New Jersey Hospital

A woman from Honduras who is infected with Zika delivered a baby with birth defects linked to the virus. The premature baby was born with severe microcephaly as well as visual and intestinal problems.

Public Health June 1, 2016

WHO Rejects Call To Postpone, Cancel Rio Olympics Because Of Zika Virus Threat

The World Health Organization said there is no need to cancel or postpone the Rio Olympics in Brazil as it will not have any significant bearing in the international spread of the disease.

Public Health June 1, 2016

Doctors Want To Postpone Or Move Brazil Olympics As Zika Crisis Grow

Doctors have called on the World Heath Organization to move or postpone Rio Olympics 2016. They pointed out the continuous rise of Zika virus in the country, which may result in a bigger health crisis.

Public Health May 28, 2016

Online Conspiracy Theories May Hurt Efforts To Fight Zika Virus

Conspiracy theories and unscientific claims about Zika virus may hurt future programs involving Zika vaccine. Researchers say online information may mislead the public and render them uninterested in actions that aim to halt the spread of the disease.

Public Health May 25, 2016

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Newest Weapon In War On Zika

The Zika virus is a danger to people around Latin America and the Caribbean. But has it met its match in the same mosquitoes that spread the virus?

Biotech May 25, 2016

Puerto Rico Faces Zika Virus Spread Amid Debt Crisis

Puerto Rico is faced with Zika virus spread and an ongoing debt crisis. These two problems may take a toll on the country's tourism industry.

Public Health May 22, 2016

US House Approves $622.1 Million Zika Funding Bill

U.S. House approved $622.1 million for Zika virus funding. The said approval was released just a day after the Senate also issued its own version of the bill.

Public Health May 20, 2016

Australian Athletes To Get Anti-Zika Condoms For Rio Olympics

Australian athletes will be provided with anti-Zika condoms for the Rio Olympics. The said products may help protect the players as they travel and stay in the Zika-affected country.

Public Health May 18, 2016

Puerto Rico Reports First Case Of Microcephaly Related To Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus

The first case of microcephaly in Puerto Rico related to Zika virus has been reported. The U.S. government plans to extend their support to help curb the spread of the mosquito-borne infection.

Public Health May 15, 2016

Low-Cost Paper Diagnostic Test May Reduce Spread Of Zika Virus

Experts were able to develop a low-cost paper test that can detect Zika virus. The test can also detect specific strains of viruses, making it more attractive than existing tests.

Public Health May 10, 2016

Pregnant Teen Infected With Zika Wants To Keep Baby

A pregnant teen with Zika virus chose to keep her baby despite the risks of birth defects. The teen from Connecticut said the baby is a miracle and that she would not go into abortion.

May 9, 2016

Mosquito Killer Billboard Helps Prevent Zika Spread In Brazil

Mosquito killer billboards installed in Rio de Janeiro attract and trap mosquitoes that carry Zika virus. This is how the billboards work.

Public Health April 24, 2016

US Expects Zika Arrival This Summer: How Contagious Is This Mosquito-Borne Virus?

Health experts believe that this year’s summer will be different in the United States. It may finally introduce the local transmission of Zika virus.

Life April 19, 2016

Zika Virus Linked To Autoimmune Disorder That Attacks Brain And Spinal Cord

Researchers have found a link between Zika virus and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), an autoimmune disorder that attacks the brain and spinal cord. ADEM is a condition similar to multiple sclerosis.

Life April 13, 2016

Brain Scans Of Babies With Microcephaly Suggest Zika Disrupts Development

Researchers obtained CT scan images of microcephalic babies born to mothers exposed to Zika virus during pregnancy. The brain scans show that Zika virus may cause disruption in brain development, rather than the destruction of brain cells.

Life April 7, 2016

Zika Virus And Neurological Problems: Mystery Link Between The Two Continues To Deepen

The mystery link between Zika virus and neurological disorders continues to deepen with every new report collated from all over the world. Although not yet completely proven, microcephaly and Guillain Barre syndrome have become the most common possible neurological disorders associated with the virus.

Life April 6, 2016

Nevada Gets First Case Of Zika Virus

Nevada confirms its first Zika case. The infected male individual is from the Clark County who recently visited Guatemala. His blood sample was sent to the CDC for Zika testing and came out positive.

Life March 25, 2016

Zika Virus May Have Entered Brazil Via 2013 Soccer Tournament, Genetic Study Reveals

Zika virus may have entered Brazil during a 2013 soccer tournament, a new study has found. Researchers were able to discover that Zika outbreak in the Pacific and increased airline passengers coincide with major events in the country, suggesting that such human mobility trend may play a role in virus introduction and emergence.

Life March 24, 2016

Two US Military Members In South America Contracted But Recovered From Zika

Two U.S. military soldiers assigned in South America contracted Zika virus. A top official have confirmed, however, the men have already recovered and are now back in duty.

Life March 11, 2016

Other Mosquitoes May Also Carry Zika Virus: Study

Other mosquito species, aside from the most commonly known carrier, may also spread Zika virus. Such a finding, if confirmed, will bring further complications to the efforts of halting the disease.

Life March 4, 2016

FDA Issues Recommendation To Prevent Zika Transmission Through Donated Human Tissues, Cells

The FDA issued new recommendations on how to prevent possible Zika transmissions through donated human cells and tissues. The new advisory applies to both living and deceased donors.

Life March 2, 2016

Three Pregnant Women In Florida Diagnosed With Zika Virus

Florida confirmed three pregnant women who tested positive for Zika virus. The cases were all travel-associated, but the state will continue to heighten its antibody testing measures.

Life February 24, 2016

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