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CDC: For The Love Of God, Don’t Wash Or Reuse Condoms

Condoms shouldn’t be reused, the CDC warns. Even if it’s washed with soap and water, that won’t remove harmful organisms on the condom that can lead to more serious complications for both participants.

Public Health August 1, 2018

Men In Zimbabwe Complain That Imported Chinese Condoms Are 'Too Small'

The health minister of Zimbabwe is challenging condom makers to make better condoms than those that are being imported from China. Men are complaining about the imported condoms.

Public Health March 1, 2018

Spread Of ‘Superbug’ Gonorrhea Is Now Imminent, WHO Warns

Health officials warn about the spread of super gonorrhea, one that is antibiotic resistant. Gonorrhea spreads due to a number of factors, including a decline in condom use and oral sex.

Public Health July 7, 2017

How New Trend Called ‘Stealthing’ Is Actually A Sex Crime

‘Stealthing,' the new trend that implies nonconsensual condom removal, could be construed as sexual assault. Already punishable under Irish law as a sex crime, this practice inflicts emotional and physical trauma comparable to other forms of sexual abuse.

Public Health May 1, 2017

Vending Machine At UC Davis Campus Now Dispenses Morning-After Pill

The UC Davis campus in the United States became the first college to dispense contraceptives from a vending machine named the Wellness to Go machine. The vending machine has already become a talking point on Facebook.

Public Health April 22, 2017

Male Contraceptive Gel Could Be Vasectomy Alternative For Men: What Are Its Potential Side Effects?

The male contraceptive gel Vasalgel could be a better alternative to vasectomy, condom, and withdrawal method. What are the possible side effects and problems that may arise due to use of this birth control method?

Healthy Living/Wellness February 7, 2017

Syphilis, Gonorrhea Cases Show Sharp Increase In England Following STI Budget Cuts

Rates of syphilis and gonorrhea diagnoses in England increased sharply following the budget cuts on sexually transmitted infection testing. Experts believe that the diseases are affecting more men who have sex with men.

Public Health July 6, 2016

The Hotter The Girl, The Less Likely Men Will Want To Wear Condom: Study

In what may come as a surprise to someone out there, scientists have confirmed that guys are less inclined to want to wear condoms during casual sex when they're really attracted to their hook up.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 27, 2016

Can Charlie Sheen-Endorsed LELO HEX Condoms Be A Game Changer In STD Prevention?

The 'condom of the future' is here and Charlie Sheen is endorsing it. Will the innovative LELO HEX condom be a game changer in sexual health and help prevent HIV?

Biotech June 16, 2016

Australian Athletes To Get Anti-Zika Condoms For Rio Olympics

Australian athletes will be provided with anti-Zika condoms for the Rio Olympics. The said products may help protect the players as they travel and stay in the Zika-affected country.

Public Health May 18, 2016

Grass Ingredient Could Be Key To Super-Thin But Stronger Condoms

Scientists in Australia are currently developing a super-thin but strong latex that could be used in hand gloves and condoms. The latex is being produced from a certain native grass ingredient in the country.

Life February 15, 2016

Scientists Claim 'Super Condom' Can Help With War Against AIDS

HIV prevention just received a new ally dubbed as the 'Super Condom.' A team of Indian-American researchers created a hydrogel-based condom that contains anti-HIV properties that kill the virus in case the condom breaks.

Life December 17, 2015

#CondomChallenge: Teens Promoting Safe Sex Or Just Another Crazy Trend?

The #CondomChallenge is an advocacy for safe sex that has gone viral on social media. The stunt involves dropping a water-filled condom on a challenger's head to prove that if the latex material can stretch enough to fit a grown person's head, then it can fit a man's genitals no matter the size.

Life November 27, 2015

Durex Urges Creation Of Safe Sex Emoji To Spur Condom, STI Talks

Durex recently launched a Twitter campaign with #CondomEmoji, urging people to share and use the hashtag to promote discussions about safe sex. The campaign supports the global fight against HIV and AIDS.

Life November 19, 2015

Liberia Urging Sexual Abstinence And Condoms To Curb Ebola Spread

Ebola response agencies are calling for caution until further information about the length of time the virus stays in bodily fluids can be obtained. The move comes after the death of a woman whose only known risk factor was having an Ebola survivor as a sexual partner.

Life March 30, 2015

Hormonal contraceptives up risk of gestational diabetes

According to a new study, contraceptives increase the risk of gestational diabetes. However, it is not conclusive and needs further investigation.

Life July 19, 2014

Bill Gates wants world to use better, safer, stronger condoms

Bill Gates' charity has awarded grants to develop better condoms and wants people to engage in safe sex.

Life November 23, 2013

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