Dungeons And Donalds Is The Only Donald Trump Parody Account You Need In Your Life


One of the best aspects of Twitter is the grand tradition of parody accounts. From Emo Kylo Ren to fake accounts mocking the decisions of world leaders, there's a parody account for everybody to follow and enjoy.

The latest and greatest comes in the form of Dungeons and Donalds, a hilarious blend of Donald Trump and Dungeons and Dragons. The account cleverly takes actual quotes from the republican presidential candidate and puts a DnD spin on them.

Oftentimes the account will take images of Trump and Photoshop in pictures of Monster Manuals and Dungeon Masters to boot. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton aren't safe either, as the account regularly takes DnD-related jabs at his political rivals.

It's a perfect recipe for laughter, especially if you've spent more than a few long nights playing the classic role-playing game.

So far the account has 37 tweets, with one of the first posts transforming Trump's now infamous "taco bowl" tweet.

Or here's one that puts a new spin on Trump's controversial comments toward Vietnam veteran, senator and former presidential candidate John McCain.

The list goes on and on.

Each post is better than the last. Trump is a never ending supply of comedy gold, and we're glad that at least somebody on Twitter is taking advantage of it.

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