The alleged cryptozoological creature known as Bigfoot is notoriously elusive, except when it comes to pop culture, where the legendary beast is nothing short of an icon. Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot has been on TV for five seasons, and Jack Link’s beef jerky still has people “messin’ with sasquatch” in its commercials. But a new television special will follow a group of people who want to do more than just mess with the mysterious creature. They want to kill Bigfoot.

Discovery’s Destination America channel is set to air Killing Bigfoot, a show that follows engineer Bobby Hamilton and Vietnam vet Jim Lansdale as they lead a team of commandos called the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) on a mission to find and kill a Bigfoot “in order to prove its existence to science, and to protect the public from a future attack by a rogue Bigfoot.”

In the show’s trailer, Hamilton explains, “Science says it doesn’t exist. They don’t have a body. Our agenda is to go ahead and put one on a slab.” Retired police officer Bob "Grumpy" Wilson continues, “The body of one adult male is the only way our government will admit that these creatures do exist.”

The team uses military-style stealth operations and assault weapons in its quest to take down Bigfoot, which, understandably puts them at odds with other, more peaceful, Bigfoot researchers. Neuropsychologist Dr. Webb Sentell is one person strongly opposed to killing Bigfoot, and he will voice that disapproval in the program.

Run, Bigfoot! Run!

The hour-long special Killing Bigfoot airs Friday, October 17 on Destination America at 10:00 p.m.

KILLING BIGFOOT TRAILER ** from Peter von Puttkamer on Vimeo.

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