Superheroes have taken over Snapchat.

In celebration of the upcoming theatrical release of X-Men: Apocalypse, 20th Century Fox has bought the entire catalogue of filters for the day on the popular photo and video messaging app.

Replacing the puppy dog filter and all the other ones we love to use, those who check out their Snapchat will see that they can now transform into the cast of superheroes that are starring in the film. These include: Cyclops, Magneto, Beast, Mystique, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver and Storm. If you are over playing Mr. or Mrs. Nice Guy or Gal, users can also channel their inner evil with the filter for the supervillain Apocalypse.

Each of the sponsored lenses reminds users that the movie comes out in just four short days and features dramatic music to set the mood. Depending on which filter you use, different effects are applied. For example, the Cyclops filter includes a pair of red shades that fly off when you open your mouth, which reveals red energy beams shooting from your eyes. Then, there is the Nightcrawler lens that turns everything blue. The user's face has the superhero's blue skin that has distinct designs on the flesh, and features bright red eyes. Blue smoke can be seen on the bottom of the screen, and when you open your mouth, you instantly teleport, leaving just a cloud behind.

One of the best is the Storm filter, which gives the user her signature hairdo and blank, white eyes. When you open your mouth, the clouds appear and lighting blasts down from your eyes.

Of course, becoming a bad guy can be fun, too, and the Apocalypse filter puts the entire costume of the character on the user from the chest up. Turn your head to get all different angles and open your mouth to get the full effect.

Anyone who loves the comic book series and movie franchise will surely want to snap away as each of the X-Men characters. Along with turning into your favorite superhero (or villain), Snapchat users can also purchase movie tickets to see the film directly in the messaging app.

Users can do this by viewing ads for the movie that are played in multiple channels in the Discover section, like BuzzFeed and People. When the ad plays, the user can swipe up to be able to purchase the tickets from or Fandango.

This is the first time users are able to buy tickets to movies without leaving Snapchat, and can do so for X-Men: Apocalypse until May 26.

The X-Men filters, on the other hand, will only run for 24 hours on Monday.

Snapchat users have previously been able to embody superheroes on the app via sponsored filters like Daredevil and Batman. However, this is the first time a movie has taken over the entire app. The X-Men filters have been spotted in New York and California, but it is unclear whether or not they are available throughout the entire U.S.

X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters on Friday. Check out the Snapchat filter before they are gone.

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