Spotify's Family Plan Is Now Cheaper And Mirrors Apple Music's


Spotify doesn't want to lose multiple subscribers from a single household who may decide to cancel and move to another music streaming service that offers a cheaper Family Plan.

The company announced on Monday it has started rolling out an upgrade to its Family Plan, making it cheaper to better compete against other platforms.

Mirroring the same offer Apple Music has, Spotify's Family Plan now only costs $14.99 (or local pricing) a month with the ability to add up to six users with a Spotify Premium account.

Besides this news, the Family Plan will remain the same. That means users who take advantage of the deal will still get their own separate Premium account, where they have access to their own playlists, personal recommendations and offline listening.

And remember since this is a Premium subscription, every user part of the plan will be able to stream the more than 30 million available songs ad-free. Since music can also be played offline, uses can listen to any song at any time on any device.

The only—and main—difference is that it is now cheaper to add more family members on a single bill. Launched in 2014, Spotify's previous Family Plan gave half off for any added Spotify Premium account. Since a Premium subscription to the service costs $9.99 per month, it would then cost $14.99 for two accounts. Now the entire family can join the service for that price and save money in doing so since it would have cost more than $30 a month for six people before.

Those who are already part of the Family Plan can add more family members for the same price.

Apple Music also offers a family sharing plan that costs $14.99 per month for users. But Spotify should have nothing to worry about when it comes to losing subscribers to the competition since it has 30 million Premium members coated to Apple Music's 13 million. Google Play Music also offers a similar plan for the same price for six users.

It's better to be safe than sorry and with Apple Music's latest lineup of exclusives, it may be best for Spotify to continue to do everything it can to stay attractive to existing and new users.

Spotify's new Family Plan begins rolling out today globally.

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