A 28-year-old passenger was escorted by federal police off a flight of Tiger Airways after reports that said that the man was writing and doodling in his notebook satires about the current threat of terrorism.

The incident shows the increased sensitivity that the public and authorities of Australia have over the terrorism issue, after the Abbott government's decision to increase the threat level of the nation and several raids were carried out against suspected home-grown fundamentalist terrorists that have been connected to the ISIS movement.

Interior designer Oliver Buckworth, the suspect involved in the incident, said that he was escorted off the flight that was bound for the Gold Coast after another passenger was able to take a look at what he doodling and writing on his notebook. The passenger then informed the staff of Tiger Airways.

"The irony is I was writing a sentence about the absurdity of the fearmongering when we live in such a happy country of ice-cream and beaches and fluffy things," Buckworth said.

Another doodle was of a chandelier, along with a play on the words "Terrorismadeup." Buckworth also drew a child holding his head, with thought bubbles that read "Tyrannosaurus Rex. Terodactly. Tarantula. Terrorist."

After the passenger that saw Buckworth's doodles and sentences informed the staff of Tiger Airways, the staff then contacted the Australian Federal Police. The authorities escorted Buckworth for an interview and an information check, and afterwards, the suspect was released.

A spokesman for the AFP confirmed that the agency had sent a response to a request for assistance by an airline situated at the airport of Melbourne. 

According to the spokesperson, the AFP only spoke to the individual briefly, and that the agency will take no further actions regarding the incident. 

Buckworth is saying that what Tiger Airways did to him was "ridiculous," especially after he found out that he was banned from using the airline's service for an indefinite period of time.

"I'm not a criminal. This man simply took something out of context that I was writing in my book. Just so you know and this whole fear thing isn't instilled even further," Buckworth said before he was escorted off by the authorities.

A Tiger Airways spokeswoman, however, defended the actions of the airline, saying that the flight crew only properly responded to a "disruptive passenger." 

The spokeswoman, however, declined to comment on whether the contents of the notebook is what caused the airline to decide to expel Buckworth from the flight.

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