The world of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a massive one, a world filled with all kinds of secrets for players to discover, ranging from rare items to hidden treasure. Those secrets also include Easter eggs, and even though the game released back in 2011, fans are still finding surprises hidden within the game's frozen north.

This latest discovery is a fun Easter egg for anybody who has ever watched Star Wars. As spotted by Reddit user Chapati_Monster, there's a cave along Skyrim's northeast coast that contains a clever nod to George Lucas' The Empire Strikes Back.

It's called Bleakcoast Cave, and inside, players will find a cavern defended by Ice Trolls, which are among the deadliest enemies in Skyrim. If players can defeat the trolls and venture further into the cave, they'll find a skeleton suspended from the ceiling by ice with a pile of bones underneath it. A little further away is a weapon, an Iron Greatsword of Sparks, to be exact.

This is, of course, a reference to Luke Skywalker's predicament in the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back. After being stranded outside of Echo Base, he's captured by a the yeti-like Wampa, which suspends Luke from the ceiling of an ice cave for safe-keeping. Luke's lightsaber can be seen on the ground, just out of reach. Just as it appears the Wampa is getting ready to eat Luke for dinner, the Jedi-in-training uses the force to grab hold of his lightsaber, cuts himself down from the ice, slices off the Wampa's arm and flees the cave.

The skeleton in Skyrim represents a frozen Luke, while the sword of sparks stands in for Luke's iconic lightsaber. The Ice Trolls themselves represent the Wampa against which Luke faces off.

Pretty neat, huh? While it's likely more than a few fans previously stumbled upon this secret, it's still cool to see fans sharing their Skyrim discoveries more than five years after the game's official release.

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