There is a lot to love about the Dragon Ball universe, such as all the fast-paced action, memorable characters and awesome attacks. However, one thing that sets the series apart from other anime/manga are the Fusions.

As you might recall, Fusion in the Dragon Ball series is the act of two separate beings merging together through various methods, such as using Potara Earrings or the Fusion Dance. In the end, however, the results are generally the same (unless it fails), with the new being possessing the attributes of the two who merged together in the first place.

This feature of the series is a focal point in the aptly named 3DS-exclusive game Dragon Ball Fusions, which was previously described as follows:

"You (the protagonist) and Pinijji wish for Shenron to start the greatest and strongest martial arts tournament. He grants your wish, and the 'Jikūichi Budōkai' (Number 1 in Time Space Martial Arts Tournament) begins!"

As Fusions is in the title of the game, it was obvious from the get-go that fusions would be a major part of the game. However, it wasn't until May 27 when Bandai Namco streamed its first full-length trailer for the game so fans could really get a taste of what's in store.

As you can see, there is one point in the video where Broly and Goku fuse to create a brand-new character named Karoly. Of course, any fan of the series could tell you that under normal circumstances, such a fusion would be impossible. Ignoring the fact that Goku, and his entire family for that matter, are Broly's enemies, Broly is dead. However, these aren't normal conditions and thanks to a Capsule Corp-made bracelet, new fusions called "EX Fusions" have become possible, which makes one wonder if the game shouldn't be called Fanfic Fusion The RPG instead.

DBZ fanfic's are usually quite cringe-worthy, but this one is a real treat. Thanks to Dragon Ball Fusions, fans can get see brand-new fusions that they never thought possible. Other new fusions include Grollin (Young Goku x Krillin), Krigohan (Gohan x Krillin) and Prillian (Piccolo x Krillin).

Dragon Ball Fusions will hit shelves in Japan on Aug. 4 and will be available in both a regular version and a special 3DS bundle, which will include a New Nintendo 3DS XL with a unique Dragon Ball Fusions-themed design. In addition, first print copies of the game will include a download code for Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku that can be used from the start of the game, as well as a "Gohanks EX" card that can be used in the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game.

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