The Skype app for Android has just received a new update that brings it to version 7.0. The update from Microsoft brings a new material design for bigger screens, as well as several functionalities.

On Thursday, May 26, Microsoft pushed out Skype 7.0 for Android, which will be welcomed by tablet users as the update offers a redesigned user interface (UI) for the device. The improved Android tablet interface will aid users in not only carrying out better communications, but also to simplifying search for chats and contacts within the app, making it more seamless.

"We've redesigned the tablet UI from the ground up, bringing a number of material design-inspired elements. The new floating action button (FAB) makes it faster to send messages and start voice and video calls with friends or groups - all from the main screen of the app," notes the Skype team in a blog post.

Thanks to FAB, users get swifter accessibility to features such as voice, Skype bots, messaging and video calls.

Apart from the FAB and faster accessibility to important features, the niftiest change Skype 7.0 brings to Android tablets is multitasking. Thanks to this functionality, users will be able to "flip" their tablet in the landscape mode while in a call, or check the current conversations as well as share files even as the call is in focus in this multi-pane view.

Post the update, users will also be able to make use of the universal search feature. On the app's main screen, they will be able to locate groups, chats or a contact by merely typing in the search bar. If you have a huge address book, this is a feature that will be quite handy.

Moreover, Skype 7.0 also lets users invite friends to the service with ease. One merely needs to click the invite button next to a person's name and they get the invite.

You can now download Skype 7.0 for Android from the Google Play Store and get updated to the latest version.

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