Search Under Way For Woman Taken By Crocodile While Swimming In Beach


Police and volunteers are still conducting search operations after a woman was nabbed by a crocodile while swimming at a far north beach in Queensland, Australia.

Authorities fear that the 46-year-old woman may already be dead because she is yet to be found hours after the tragic accident.

"It's certainly very, very concerning at this stage and we would hold grave fears for the welfare of the woman," says Senior Constable Russell Parker.

Parker says a rescue helicopter was roaming during the night of the accident. It used a thermal imaging device to find the woman, but to no avail.

The operations continued when the light broke next morning. Parker says both water- and ground-based police personnel were activated during the rescue mission. Volunteers and their boats are also involved.

The Night Of The Incident: What Happened

The victim and her 47-year-old female friend were walking along Daintree National Park, north of Cairns, at around 10:30 p.m.

The pair decided to take a dip just up to the waist level of water at Thornton Beach. The night and water may have been calm and clear, but apparently, that wasn't exactly the case, and the women may not have been aware of the hazards.

The victim, who hails from Lithgow in New South Wales, was suddenly taken by a crocodile while swimming. Her friend grabbed her and tried to drag her to safety but was not successful in doing so.

The friend then ran to a nearby establishment and rang the alarm, prompting the police and authorities to be aware of the situation.

Victim's Friend

The friend of the victim was brought to Mossman Hospital, where she was treated for shock and scratches.

The woman had a graze on her arm, which is believed to have been caused by the crocodile, says Neil Noble from Queensland Ambulance Service.

Crocodile Sighting

Noble says Cairns up until Cape is recognized for having big crocodiles. Recently, Noble says an expert spotted a crocodile measuring about 5 meters within the area.

With this, is it very important to be highly cautious when near the water. Noble advises people to stay as far as possible to the water, particularly when it is dark. Be vigilant and be aware that crocodiles can get people very rapidly.

Crocodiles can be very ferocious. In 2014, a crocodile was caught on tape breaking a shell of a sea turtle in a snap, leaving bits of the hard material on the shore.

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