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Iconic 'Death Roll' Universal In Crocodile Species, Study Finds

Crocodiles and alligators are infamous for their 'death roll' maneuver. It has only been documented in a few crocodilian species, but a new study finds that it is actually universal among them.

Animals April 18, 2019

Jurassic Fossil Tail Could Be Missing Link In Crocodile Family Tree

A fossil tail dug up from a mountain in Hungary may have belonged to an intermediary species of crocodile that lived during the Jurassic period. What are this species's features?

Animals May 12, 2018

Researchers Play Bach For Crocodiles During MRI To Study Their Brains

Researchers played classical music for 1-year-old Nile crocodiles during an MRI scan. As it turns out, crocodiles seem to like being inside the scanner as they remained rather calm and quiet.

Animals May 4, 2018

This Ancient Frog Had Jaws Strong Enough To Eat Small Dinosaurs And Crocodiles

A team of researchers has estimated that the jaws of the Beelzebufo ampinga were strong enough to allow the ancient creature to eat small dinosaurs and crocodiles. The so-called 'devil frog' used to live in Madagascar and is thankfully extinct.

Ancient September 21, 2017

This Prehistoric Giant Crocodile Had T-Rex-Sized Teeth

Scientists have discovered the remains of a massive crocodile-like creature with T-rex-sized teeth in Madagascar. The new discovery may help uncover the mystery behind the 74-million-year-long gap in the evolutionary history of crocodiles.

Animals July 5, 2017

Newly Discovered Tombs In Egypt Have Remains Of Babies And Crocodiles

Archaeologists have found 12 new tombs at Gebel el Silsila, Egypt, which contain human and animal remains. What does the discovery tell about people who lived at the ancient sandstone quarry site?

Ancient January 14, 2017

10-Foot Gator Killed After Biting Florida Woman Standing In Waist-Deep Water

An alligator measuring almost 11 feet bit a woman in Florida while she was wading in waist-deep water. What causes increasing incidences of alligator attacks?

Animals July 10, 2016

Search Under Way For Woman Taken By Crocodile While Swimming In Beach

Search operations for a woman who was attacked by a crocodile while night swimming in Queensland are still under way. Authorities fear that the victim might be dead because she has not been found hours after the tragic accident.

Animals May 30, 2016

Man-Eating Nile Crocodiles Invade Miami

Nile crocodiles have been found in Florida's Everglades, and they could soon develop into the top predator in the region, biologists fear. How dangerous are these man-eating reptiles?

Animals May 21, 2016

13-Million-Year-Old Crocodile Reveals Evolution Of Telescoping Eyes

A 13-million-year-old Miocene crocodile fossil offered a look at how South American and Indian gavialoids - a group of mostly extinct crocodile species - evolved separately to have telescoped eyes.

Animals April 23, 2016

Remains Of Bus-Sized Marine Crocodile Unearthed In Sahara Desert

Paleontologists unearthed the bizarre remains of a bus-sized ocean crocodile that lived 130 million years ago. Dubbed as the largest sea crocodile discovered, this new discovery sparked the interest of animal experts.

Animals January 13, 2016

Study Finds Crocodiles 'Keep An Eye Out' To Stay Safe During Sleep: 3 Other Animals With Unusual Sleep Behaviors

A team of scientists in Australia have found that crocodiles engage in a sleeping behavior known as unihemispheric sleep wherein they keep a watchful eye open during rest. Other members of the animal kingdom are also known to carry out unusual sleep behaviors that may have evolved out of necessity.

Earth/Environment October 25, 2015

Global Cooling And Sea Level Fluctuations Cause Number Of Crocodile Species To Decline

Researchers found declining crocodylian species linked to climate change.

Earth/Environment September 29, 2015

Midsize Crocs Tend To Be Nomadic And May Cause Problems For Humans

University of Australia researchers revealed a crocodile’s size affects its urge to go outside its usual range.

Earth/Environment September 22, 2015

Crocodiles And Other Reptiles Also Sing To Communicate

Reptiles like crocodiles and alligators can use resonance as a means to relay their size, research has found, offering more insight into how animals communicate as a whole.

August 13, 2015

Worms Get Around By Using Slugs As Transportation: Other Strange Animal Symbiotic Relationships

Researchers at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Germany have found how nematode worms invade the digestive system of larger invertebrates in order to gain some form of transportation.

Earth/Environment July 16, 2015

Carolina Butcher: Meet The Monster Crocodile That Terrorized Earth Pre-Dinosaurs

Paleontologists say the crocodile's ancestor was a fearsome predator with strong jaws, stalking prey like mammals and armored reptiles. The creature would have been a top predator before dinosaurs reigned.

March 23, 2015

'Butcher Crocodile' Ruled As Top Predator Before The Dinosaurs

A giant crocodile lived in North Carolina millions of years ago. What do we know about this mighty hunter that ruled before dinosaurs came to the region?

March 19, 2015

Parts Of Amazon Dominated By Crocodiles Millions Of Years Ago

With up to seven species found in one area, the Amazon from millions of years ago was teeming with crocodiles. Researchers attribute this partly to an abundance in food supply.

Earth/Environment February 25, 2015

Crocodiles Know How To Have Fun: These Reptiles Surf Waves, Play Ball, And Enjoy Piggyback Rides

Crocodiles may be fearsome predatory creatures, but these reptiles have something in common with humans. They also engage in three main types of play.

Animals February 11, 2015

900-pound monster croc that ate turtles for breakfast was archnemesis of gigantic snake

A giant crocodile-like being may have done battle 60 million years ago with an equally big Titanoboa snake. This new fossil find had a short snout but a powerful bite.

Animals June 5, 2014

Crocodiles can climb trees better than you think: Study

If you're being chased by a crocodile, a tree is not a safe place to hide. These reptiles are expert climbers and some of them even love to bask on branches.

Animals February 11, 2014

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