Apple has spent $1 million on the staircase of its new flagship store in San Francisco. But that's just a small chunk of the total $23.6 million the company had shelled out for the building's construction and renovation.

The new Apple Store in Union Square boasts a beautiful 50-foot green wall and 40-foot sliding glass doors. What's more impressive is the list of other architectural features the tech company has splurged on for the new flagship store.

Apart from the million-dollar staircase, the building's upgraded sprinkler system cost Apple a whopping $2.28 million. The company also spent $1.5 million on tenant improvements for the adjacent building.

Apple spent $50,000 on a single guard rail on a so-called "stair number six." It spent the same amount just building the store shelves and the gigantic video wall's structural supports.

The company spent $82,000 installing the $2,000 stainless steel logo, while the 50-kilowatt solar power system on the building's roof cost the company $800,000.

Demolishing the former storefront cost it $100,000. Constructing the building's new interior and exterior frames amounted to $250,000.

Several seismic upgrades on the roof and the building's second floor cost the company $100,000 and another $150,000 for the canopy panel installation.

Lastly, a modest $4,000 was spent on the redwood ballroom's fire alarms. The company provided these ballpark figures to the San Francisco City Hall prior to the construction. The real costs, however, are expected to be higher.

Apple's chief design officer Jony Ive said the company has a "deep commitment" to the cities it works in. Moreover, the group is aware of the architecture's importance to the community.

Angela Ahrendts, Apple's senior vice president of retail, added that the company wants its Apple Stores to be part of the community where these are located, something like a town square where people can meet.

"The over-arching vision of the future of Apple retail ... is what do we want Apple's role in the community to be. The store becomes one with the community," said Ahrendts.

The new San Francisco Apple Store is a testament of the company's tech-savviness. Another prominent feature is the Genius Grove, which replaced the Genius Bar.

The grove, a relaxed setting accented by trees, is where Apple technicians approach the customers. It provides a quieter social place where the technicians and customers can talk about the latest Apple products.

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