Fallout 4 modding on the Xbox One is about to go into beta as Bethesda sends out invitations to a couple of lucky settlers out there.

Now, there's no mention about another batch of invites, but that shouldn't be much of a concern. Even though there's no solid release date yet, the developers are expected to roll out official mod support to the Xbox One sometime in May, and the month is about to end in a few days' time. Of course, that's under the assumption that they'll faithfully stick to schedule. On the other hand, the PS4 is slated to get it sometime in June.

The news comes from none other than the developers themselves, spreading the word via Twitter with the hashtag #Fallout4.

While that's already enough proof of an imminent rollout, it's worth mentioning that an update got released after the Far Harbor DLC, providing the necessary files to support mods on the Xbox One.

The PC got the better part of the bargain, though, as it got official mod support earlier back in April. However, it should also be pointed out that the platform already had a ton of mods cropping up since Fallout 4 went live through other means other than the Creation Kit.

Well, with the modding tool at hand, a ton of great mods saw the light of day, including but not limited to Quicksilver going on a rampage in slo-mo, nature taking over the Wasteland and a horrific-looking Thomas the Tank Engine.

What do you think of the official Fallout 4 mod support coming to the Xbox One? Let us know in the comments section below, especially if you're one of the fortunate gamers to get an invitation to the closed beta.

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