Square Enix hosted a Japanese Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report yesterday, and despite the game being in development for years now and dominating video game news headlines for months, it proved that there is still quite a bit we don't know about the upcoming JRPG.

Answering questions from fans, Square Enix gave some juicy little tidbits about the game such as save points and game progression. Love it or hate it, we can see that Final Fantasy XV is easily the most unique Final Fantasy in the main series by a wide margin.

Here are the top 10 things we learned:

1. Crashing The Flying Car Results In A Game Over

It's possible to crash the car during takeoff and landing, but Square Enix assured fans that piloting the vehicle is not difficult.

2. You Can Save Anywhere On The Map, Not Just At The Camp Site

This is a departure from older Final Fantasy games that only allows you to save at a checkpoint (unless given a prompt before certain sections). More and more JPRGs have begun to adopt this model, so it's good to see Final Fantasy XV doing the same.

3. You Can Fast Travel By Choosing Camp Sites And Other Locations From The Map

This is a feature that is making a return from older Final Fantasy games. Some games allow you to move instantly from one location to the next, such as in Final Fantasy XIII, but it's unclear if this is a function players will have from the beginning or will have to wait for until later in the game to access.

4. You Can Listen To Final Fantasy Songs On The Car Radio

This is something that was briefly touched upon at the Uncovered event in March, but Square Enix doubled down on that by revealing that players won't be able to create their own custom soundtracks because of regional copyright issues.

5. Characters Will Have Skill Trees

Characters can use these to learn new skills and abilities, but it wasn't mentioned if they will be unique like in Final Fantasy XIII or shared like in Final Fantasy X.

6. There Are Seven Types Of Standard Weapon Categories

Each category will have its own variety of weapons. When combined with the Phantom Sword, there will be even more categories within itself.

7. Noctis And Prompto Are 20 Years Old, Ignis Is 22 And Gladiolus Is 23.

More information about them such as their birthdays, heights and hobbies can be viewed here.

8. Cars Are Faster Than Chocobos

Sort of obvious, but here's the official confirmation. It's possible to buff Chocobos by feeding them, but they still won't be able to outrun a car.

9. The Game Isn't Set In An Open World

The game is fairly linear so players won't be able to freely go wherever they like. However, as they further progress along the main quest, more places will become available for them to go back to.

10. The Game Was Influenced By Real Experiences Of The Staff

For example, Tabata took a long trip through Europe when he was in his 20s. He added that like Noctis and company, he was young and didn't have much money — two things he channeled into the game.

In addition to all these gameplay-related features, we found out that the next Active Time Report, dubbed the "Day 0 Edition," is scheduled for June 13, the day before E3.

Final Fantasy XV will release worldwide for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Sept. 30.

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