Anyone who loves LEGOs has an appreciation for those serious builders who dedicate time, skill and some serious creativity to make masterpieces. The last thing you would want to do is touch it in fear that a piece may accidentally fall off—unless you are a kid.

An artist known as Zhao found this out the hard way when his 5 foot, 9 inch statue came crumbling down on the very first day it was displayed at the LEGO Expo in Ningbo, China on Sunday.

Zhao shared photos of his impressive LEGO statue, a replica of the character Nick Wilde from the popular Disney animated movie Zootopia, on the Chinese social media site Weibo along with the story of how his creation met its end.

The statue included about 10,000 LEGO bricks and was valued at 100,000 Yuan, or more than $15,000. Zhao revealed that it took him three days to build the Zootopia LEGO creation, as he worked non-stop in order to make the deadline and be able to display the statue at the exhibition.

And then a child destroyed it in just seconds.

Even though he included a "no touching sign" near his creation, this did not stop a child from knocking it down to the ground. And since the artist had only loosely glued the bricks together, the force from the child was enough to have the entire thing come crashing down and break into a 'million tiny pieces.'

The exhibits at the expo were roped off to protect them, but children were allowed to take photos next to the creations.

Zhao said that the culprit was a young boy, about four or five years old, who pushed the statue of Nick by accident. The parents of the child apologized to the artist and even offer him compensation. But Zhao accepted only the apology, knowing the child did not mean to break it. After all, accidents do happen.

The exhibit was only open for just one short hour before this incident happened. This hurts more than stepping on a single LEGO brick with bare feet, but his hard work has not gone unnoticed.

Even though many people were not able to see the Nick LEGO statue in person, Zhao's post has since gone viral on Weibo, and has even made its way on Imgur.

Source: Imgur

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