Android Marshmallow's Direct Share is one of the most useful features in the updated OS, and Google Hangouts took a leaf out of the latest Android OS.

In spite of being the largest provider of Android apps, Google took its time before implementing the feature and it finally embedded it into Hangouts this week.

Hangouts 10.0 is ready for download and packs one time-saving, productivity-enhancing feature: Direct Share. As users update to the latest version of the app, frequently used or recent Hangouts contacts start popping up in the share menu.

Power users who rely on Hangouts to meet their deadlines should rejoice. The Direct Share eliminates the unnecessary long time of searching and selecting specific contacts from your list. It may not feel like a radical improvement, but the time is being saved, one small amount after another.

Download the Hangouts 10.0 APK for Android and start using the Direct Share feature, today.

Should you want Hangouts 10.0 for iOS, you can download it from iTunes. Just keep in mind that iTunes says nothing about the Direct Share feature.

It should be noted that Hangouts faces serious competition from other messaging apps, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, to name only Western brands. Asian-based services such as Line and WeChat are significant threats to Google's software, as well.

Google does not sit idle, however. During this year's I/O developer conference, the OEM previewed Allo, a new messaging app that might have an edge against big names like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Google touts that machine learning and advanced digital assistance will be packed into Allo, tilting the balance in its favor. The company wants to integrate its digital assistant into the Allo app, meaning users will be able to tap into Maps, Search, Translate and YouTube via free speech searches.

Using deep learning and consumer behavior sampling, Google's assistant will be able to take care of a myriad of your needs, from fixing dinner reservations to providing your favorite sport team's score, all within the same app.

We look forward to seeing what Google brings to the messaging app table and we will keep you posted.

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